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In most cases of course they will and do their best to pursue the most reasonable and least distructive settlement. Be advised however that when it comes time to renew your insurance there may be a noticable increase in the rates depending on how much had to be compensated or if court proceedings are still pending.

If the officer used deadly force that wasn't authorized he probably was arrested and charged with manslaughter or if it was intense enough, murder. I only mention this because some insurance companies will want written documentation confirming that the officer was

1. Arrested

2. Being remanded without bail pending trial.

3. Terminated from his company position without the possibility of rehire.

and that the company and or designated 3rd party licensee is in no way defending or otherwise backing up the illegal act in order to process claims.

Furthermore they may require the assailant sign a waiver acknowledging that upon settlements the insurance company assumes the full right to pursue him civily for collection of ALL attorney, compensation, court, and damage costs.

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Q: If your security officer uses deadly force that was not 100 percent warranted resulting in homicide will insurance pay the deceased's family's lawsuit?
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