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In most cases of course they will and do their best to pursue the most reasonable and least distructive settlement. Be advised however that when it comes time to renew your insurance there may be a noticable increase in the rates depending on how much had to be compensated or if court proceedings are still pending.

If the officer used deadly force that wasn't authorized he probably was arrested and charged with manslaughter or if it was intense enough, murder. I only mention this because some insurance companies will want written documentation confirming that the officer was

1. Arrested

2. Being remanded without bail pending trial.

3. Terminated from his company position without the possibility of rehire.

and that the company and or designated 3rd party licensee is in no way defending or otherwise backing up the illegal act in order to process claims.

Furthermore they may require the assailant sign a waiver acknowledging that upon settlements the insurance company assumes the full right to pursue him civily for collection of ALL attorney, compensation, court, and damage costs.

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Will an insurance company pay after a homicide?

Insurance companies will not pay if the beneficiary is convicted of the homicide. Most insurance companies will pay the beneficiary if that person was not involved and the policy does not exclude homicide as the cause of death.

Accidental life insurance covers death by homicide?

Your life insurance policy should contain a provision that stipulates if the policy covers death by homicide. It really varies from policy to policy, depends on the insurance company, etc.

Is life insurance provided for homicide detectives?

Yes. If a person has a risky job or hobby that could be life threatening, then the insurance premiums are higher.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to the remaining owner from a homicide committed within the residence?

No. Homeowners insurance is "Property Insurance" it does not provide coverage for personal injury to the insured. You should look to your medical insurance for coverage applicable to bodily injury and your life insurance policy for compensation for loss of life.

What is an example sentence with homicide?

There is a legal difference between homicide and manslaughter. Please refer that case to the homicide detectives on the third floor.

Can an insurance company bring a charge of vehicular homicide against a person?

No. Only the State can bring a criminal charge against someone. It is doubtful that the Insurance Company would even have standing to file a complaint in such a matter.

What is the sentence for homicide?

The sentence for homicide depends on the type of homicide one commits for example one who commits a vehicular homicide may get a lesser sentence than a person sentenced for criminal homicide.

How do you use homicide in a sentence?

The detectives were investigating a recent homicide. He is a homicide detective, he investigates murders.

Is there a Difference between homicide and murder?

Homicide is the killing of a human being Murder is illegal Homicide.

What movie and television projects has Bert Benney been in?

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What happens during a homicide scene?

Homicide means murder, so someone is murdered in a homicide scene.

What is the antonym for homicide?

Antonyms for homicide are save or rescue.

Is homicide considered as a disease?

No, homicide is considered a crime.

What is a sentence for homocide?

We are treating it as a homicide.The homicide department held a fancy dress party in the office.

Does homicide mean a murder?

Yes, homicide does mean a murder.

Can you get car insurance with a felony?

Yes, but it depends on the nature of that felony. In most cases you can still buy auto insurance if you have a felony record. However, if your felony record involves a motor vehicle such as Vehicular Homicide where you have a record of using a vehicle as a weapon, then it is not likely any insurance company would be willing to insure you.

How do you use the word homicide in a sentence?

"Homicide" refers to a crime involving murder. Example : "The man committed homicide and was arrested and jailed."

What do police do after a homicide?

after a homicide the homicide investigators and police block of the scene identify the body notify the family and look for prints and evidence.

Will homicide be covered by accidental death benefit?

Not unless it was an accidental homicide.

Who is a person that commits homicide a homicidist?

A person who commits a homicide is a murderer.

What is the duration of A Devilish Homicide?

The duration of A Devilish Homicide is 1.55 hours.

What is the duration of City Homicide?

The duration of City Homicide is 2700.0 seconds.

How many pages does Homicide Trinity have?

Homicide Trinity has 182 pages.

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