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If your sixteen and your penis is one inch is that normal?


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sorry but that's not really normal, unless you mean flaccid then it close to average. i have heard about 2 inch flaccid and about 5 erect. if you mean 1 inch erect than you may have a problem.

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Yes this is normal enough. The size when flaccid varies a lot and has not connection to the size when erect. Your real penis size is when your penis is erect. Read about "Penis Size" in Related Questions below.

It would be no longer than an inch, and that would likely be erect.

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Well I have one and I don't really know abd I was wonder the same thing

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Then no one will care for years.

Speak with your doctor if you have finished puberty.

Well any size is normal but the average erect size is 5-6 inches for a adult.When flaccid (limp) the penis, depending on the ambient temperature and a lot of other factors can be anywhere from a couple of centimeters (one inch) long to the length that the erect penis attains.

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national average is five inches, which I find somewhat disappointing. However penis length has very little effect on her satisfaction. The thickness is what matters, not too thin and too thick can hurt. Anyways, a larger penis would be about seven and a half inches or more. The worlds smallest was one quarter inch, the largest was sixteen =]

You can not.It's normal and average size right now. The size is already decided in your genes. Even with surgery (which they will not do because you are normal size) they can only add one inch but the risks are huge you can lose the function all together.

they could, but it would not be normal

heck no. and you don't have one.

Correct penis length needs to be measured from the pubic bone, just like how arm length for Boxers are measured from their armpits.If you are overweight then quite a bit of length are "hidden". Lose some pounds and watch your penis, and your confidence grow. =)

You can get the penis extender in both offline and online market. And yes, you can get your penis lengthened by using a quality penis extender. And I think SizeGenetics is one of the quality penis extenders.

The penis usually doesn't bend to one side but a minor degree of bending is not very unusual.

If you are measuring on the top, while erect, then you may be a little smaller than average, or you may be a late bloomer. Many boys either start puberty later, or take longer to go through puberty. If you are one of these, then it is likely that your penis is still not finished growing.

You have what is commonly known as a SuperCock.

The male monkeys have a visable 10 inch penis that can be seen.

It's perfectly normal. Most men's penis leans to one side and/or is bent.

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