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Think of him as you would a daughter or niece. He may look like a boy on the outside right now, but everything inside is female. Go out and buy him some girl's clothes (keep it simple) jeans, blouse or T-shirt, shoes and let him grow his hair long if he so wishes (although short hair is really coming back in.) Take it slow and easy introducing not only your son to this but it also is quite the adjustment for you. Once you have gotten him use to looking A LITTLE like a girl, then show him the shops that are "in" for the young girls. Many mothers go in with their daughters and even some guys hang around or may buy their girlfriend something. In time, when you son is feeling more comfortable with this (you too) he may want to change his name so you could have some fun picking out a nice name together. I would also teach him how to put make-up on and if he has thick eyebrows, then let him go get them waxed. He may even want to have treatment to get rid of facial hair, but that will come in the future. Remember to just take it slow and easy. Actually, I think both of you could have a good time and a few laughs along the way. Go out shopping and take in lunch! You are quite the mom and I admire you a great deal. It isn't easy to find out that your son is really feeling like a female. You have made a very wise decision (never mind what family or friends might say) because you have allowed your son to live free in the body he has been given. People who find they are gay (hate that term) are more widely accepted than they use to be. However, it's wise to keep this between the two of you and if he is in school he may have to transfer to another school. Girls aren't so apt to have a problem with it, but young men can and it's not the first time a young man has been beat up simply because he is gay. It isn't what is on the outside of the person, but what is in the inside and your son is really the same person. The packaging is just a bit different. Good luck Marcy


If your son's wish has persisted from a young age, it may be that he has what psychologists term "Gender Identity Disorder (GID.)" If so, he may feel "trapped in the wrong body." It may be wise to consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist. GID is much different from ordinary crossdressing, which many young boys experiment with. If GID is confirmed, you counselor can explain a range of options for dealing with it.



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Q: If your son wants to know how to dress like a girl what steps would you take to teach him how to do it right?
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