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No. Definitely No. An Unequalable No.

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Q: If your speedometer is not working could it be the PCV valve?
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How do you know if your PCV valve is not working?"

How do you replace the PCV valve on your 1986 Chevrolet Nova?

Pull upward on the hose that the PCV valve is in. The PCV valve will pull out of the hose. The PCV valve is located in the valve cover.

How do you change ford 500 PCV valve?

Disconnect the PCV valve tube from the PCV valve.Disconnect the PCV valve electrical connector if it has one.Turn the PCV valve counterclockwise to remove from the valve cover.To install, reverse the removal procedure.

Your 1993 Ford Festiva GL is burning oil?

Is your PCV valve working okay?

How do you change PCV valve on 2004 F-150?

Remove the PCV valve retaining screws. Remove the PCV valve hose. Reverse the process to install the new PCV valve.

Why does a PCV valve keep making a rattling sound?

The PCV valve has a check ball in it, That's what you are hearing. REPLACE PCV VALVE

Where is the PCV valve located on 1999 elantra 2.0DOHC?

The PCV valve is located in the valve cover

Where is the PCV valve located on a ford 2.9L?

The pcv valve is on the passenger side valve cover

Why oil comes out of dipstick Chevy?

Your PCV valve ( or PCV system ) could be plugged ( positive crankcase ventilation )

What could cause oil going into your air cleaner box?

Stuck or bad PCV valve on the Valve Cover to the carb or throttle body. The other is the EGR valve. Most likely the PCV.

Where exactly is the PCV valve on a 2003 Honda civic LX?

PCV valve (A)

Where is PCV valve on 98 leganza?

Where is pcv valve on 1998 daewoo leganza

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