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No this doesn't mean your pregnant.

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Q: If your stomach starts to get tight and your not doing any exercises does that mean your pregnant?
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Can you keep a six pack after being shot in the stomach?

if you keep doing exercises yes but you dont normally survive after being hit in the stomach

How do you gain stomach muscle?

by doing various exercises such as sit ups and running and u can go to the gym

How can you tighten your stomach?

When there is a significant weight loss, the skin around the stomach can be flabby and loose. There are many ways to tone the stomach to make it tighter by doing toning exercises such at crunches and sit-ups.

How do you gain weight on stomach and lose weight on legs?

That sounds like a really weird desire. Losing weight on legs would be through losing some weight all over, and not doing any strenght building exercises for the legs. For gaining weight on stomach I have no idea, unless you can get pregnant.

What are good exercises to burn thigh butt and stomach fat?

doing bicycles on your back with your feet as close to the floor as you can get without touching it.

Besides doing sit ups, what are some other exercises to lose stomach fat and tone stomach muscles for middle aged women?

Another good exercise to tone your abs is crunches. However, you should also include other types of exercises such as walking or jogging.

What exercise do you have to do to get an extremely flat stomach?

There is no specific exercise that you have to do to get an extremely flat stomach, The path to a flat stomach lies in doing circuit training, which incorporates strength training and cardiovascular exercises to burn fat from all over the body.

Can you do situps while pregnant?

I wouldn't recommend it, the stomach muscles are already hard at work protecting the uterus and the developing pregnancy, so you would more than likely be putting your body under quite a bit of stress by doing any abdominal exercises

I have an hourglass figure but a slightly big stomach what do i have to do to lose weight in my stomach area?

In order to lose your stomach fat area, you will have to do exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, and other ab- workouts.It's actually really difficult to lose fat just from your stomach. Depending on how much weight you have around your mid section, you might want to do aerobics/running/jogging as well as ab exercises as these kinds of exercises get all of the muscles moving. ALSO, suck your tummy in when you're doing aerobic exercises (not constantly of course, just for a few moments and then relax it)

If you wash semen with water if it falls on stomach are there any chances of getting pregnant if the water slides down?

There is ZERO possibility of getting pregnant that way. You can, however, get pregnant by having sex and not using a condom...sounds like "semen on the stomach" is referring to the pull-out method...and you can STILL get pregnant doing that.

What exercises can a woman do to get the line down her ribcage and stomach?

Women can get the line down their rib cage and stomach by doing exercises and eating a diet that helps to lose fat and build muscle. A woman can do sit ups, lift weights, drink water everyday, eat breakfast and control stress.

How do burn fat on your stomach and waist?

You can burn fat on your stomach and waist by doing cardio exercises for example Running,Bicycling, Elliptical Training, Swimming,Rock Climbing, and Walking. Its also important to eat healthy.

How can you get a big but and flat stomach?

The best way to achieve this is cardio for your stomach ( Running,Eliptcal) Work with heavy weights when doing Glute exercises..this will lift your butt giving the illusion of a bigger more shapely but......I am proof this works!

Can a boy get a girl pregnant at nine?

It is rare, if not impossible for a girl to get pregnant before her menstruational cycle starts. At that age you should be doing other things though.

What exercises do you need to do to lose weight around your stomach quickly?

You can deit and exersise by doing crunches or you can by the new high teck type of crunches or move your hips a round

How can i get a flatter stomach?

The best way to get a flatter stomach is by diet and exercise. Simple doing exercises that target the abdominal muscles will not flatten your stomach alone. Instead, the body loses fat stores proportionally, so diet and exercise will trim down fat all over.

What kind of pregnancy exercises are good for pregnancy?

I suggest yoga and light aerobics. Basically anything you feel comfortable doing that does not in any way stress your body. Also, try going to to find specific exercises to do while pregnant.

When doing flexibility exercises should there be discomfort?

I guess when you are doing stretching exercises, at that time yoou may feel pain or you may not be comfortable.

How can I fix my spinal problem?

By doing some exercises we can fix the spinal problem and these exercises may include abdominal muscle exercises, Abs exercises, yoga , functional exercises etc.

Where can I find examples of some pregnancy exercises?

Exercises is greatly recommended during pregnancy. Try doing leg, neck and ankle rotations. Swimming is another great exercise activity for pregnant women. For more information you can visit Web MD.

What is improved by doing aerobic exercises?

No it isn't

What are advantages doing exercises?

you wont be fat

What are you doing wrong to get pregnant?

If you get pregnant most probably you are doing it wright.

What about exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise while pregnant is a good consideration, however it depends on what kind of exercise you are doing. For example, walking is a great exercise, while doing other more strenuous exercises may not. Always check with your doctor before going on any kind of exercise routine, especially when pregnant.

How do you make the inside of your vagina tighter?

By doing exercises