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You need to talk to your dentist and you may get lucky and the dentist will "bond" the teeth. It almost looks like a cap and you can't tell it's not real. Also gaps in teeth can be fixed this way and it's less expensive. My bottom 6 teeth in the front were uneven and my dentist bonded them and they look straight and natural.

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Q: If your teeth are not really bad and you only need a couple of them straightened a little how much would that cost?
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Does Justin Bieber have fake teeth?

Justin Bieber has in fact had extensive work done to his teeth. He had them straightened using "invisalign". During the process of his teeth straightening his teeth were whitened.

Can your teeth straighten out after having your wisdom teeth removed?

They might a little, if the wisdom tooth or teeth were really crowding them, but it won't be a huge amount.

Have Britney Spears naturally teeth?

Yes, she does naturally have teeth, but I'm sure that that's not what you meant....those are her real teeth and they have only been whitened never straightened or anything.

How does being an orthodontist affect the community?

it save children's/ or adults teeth so they are straightened and nice.

Are snow tigers born with teeth?

No but they can be born with really little teeth xxxx Meika

Does a Popsicle stick to straighten your teeth work?

Not really. To move your teeth around you need a little pressure for a long time, which you can't really achieve with a popsicle stick

Is it wise to have 6 teeth pulled at once?

Well if you really have to... But it will really hurt. If i was you, i would pull a little at a time.

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth to get braces?

no, your wisdom teeth wont stop you from getting your braces, the only teeth removed before getting braces are baby teeth. although getting wisdom teeth removed when theyre coming in is necessary, and if not then straightened teeth can be moved and pushed by incoming teeth, and crowding the mouth.

What do modern dentist do to help people who want to hide their unsightly teeth?

There are many different things that dentists can do for people who are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Teeth can be whitened, straightened, capped, or even replaced with artificial teeth, although that is the last resort.

Do cat's teeth fall out?

Yes, cat's teeth do fall out sometimes. But people can't really see little teeth sticking out of their mouths because they usually swallow them (it doesn't harm them).

Is it worth the cost of braces to get one tooth straightened?

Its not really worth it to repair one crooked teeth. I would say the smartest choice is to repair/ get braces for all your teeth. Because the cost of one tooth would probably be 500 dollars, the cost of your whole mouth is about 4000 dollars.

Do braces really work if you have bunny teeth not that much bunny just a little?

Yes, they work.

How do you straighten teeth without braces and products from stores?

Unfortunately, the only way to get straightened teeth is to visit the dentist and get braces. If you talk to your orthodontist there are many different options of types of braces.

Does Fred ward really wear dentures or was it just good special effects makeup to make it look like he didn't have teeth?

he has some bridge work on his upper left molars. a couple of fillings and a little bonding on a chipped incisor.

When was A Little Less Teeth created?

A Little Less Teeth was created in 2007.

Do braces really help your teeth?

yes they really do straighten your teeth

What cleens teeth?

Brush your teeth, and go to the dentist every couple of months or so and ask them to clean your teeth

Why do teeth have ridges when they first come in?

The little round ridges on new front teeth are called mamelons. These ridges make it easier for the teeth to break through the gums and come into the mouth. They typically wear down within a couple of years with normal chewing and biting.

How do you get a tooth out that is getting pushed underneath by the adult tooth making the baby tooth crooked?

Well it depends on how old the child is. My sons had his two front teeth do the same thing when he was in kindergarten. And the dentist just told him to wiggle the teeth and a week later we pulled them once they had became loose enough! They did look a little crooked until the rest of his baby teeth came out and they straightened up. Hope that helps!

Whose teeth are sharper a wolf's teeth or a coyote's teeth?

Well there's really no difference of their teeth. Wolves and coyotes are part of the same branch of big wild dogs. With pictures that I found I'd say that the coyotes' teeth are a little sharper than the wolves' teeth. See related link below..

What is a spacer?

A spacer is a tiny little blue thing, that they put in between your teeth, to give room for the braces. THey do hurt for the first couple of days. But you'll be fine.!

What is the difference between retainers and braces?

Simple: Reatiners don't have the brackets. They are normally used to keep teeth in place. Braces have brackets, and are used to align your teeth to make them straight. --------------------------------- The retainer is used after the braces have straightened your teeth and have been removed. It helps you teeth 'retain' their shape.

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yes you are. its completely normal to lose a couple of your back teeth.

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