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Weight loss is a whole body thing. Exercise of any type will help the entire body lose fat. You can target certain muscles and improve the tone, but there are not specific exercises that will make weight come off specific areas. Walking, running, squats, and stairs, as well as swimming and riding a bicycle are all good ones.


The above is a good answer, but I'd like to add if you have been working on your upper leg muscles with exercise then it stands to reason you are going to have more muscle in this area of your body. People that are into bike racing, runners, etc., can have large thighs (as well as some professional dancers.)

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What is the normal size for thighs?

Do not worry about your thighs. There is no normal size. Everyone is unique and different in their own way. But if you find them a very very fat then exercise about 3 times a week.

How can you exercise your thighs?

Well to exercise your thighs do 100 squats morning and night with your arms out for balance, back straight and if its starting to hurt and burn, its working. Legs will be very sore in morning but thats good. If improvment doesn't show, go to Curves. Goodluck loosing those thunder thighs! xxx

Can I tone my abdomen and thighs using a workout ball?

You may very well be able to tone your abdominal muscles and thighs. Consult a manual or read up on tips on how to effectively use an exercise ball for these conditions.

What is the condition called in which a woman has a small upper torso but very large hips thighs and buttocks?

It's called steatopygia.

Where could you look for cheap exercise equipment?

You can look for cheap exercise equipment through Amazon, Wal Mart, and Target. My top choice would be target though. Not only are they affordable, but they also have very good quality products.

What size cage is suitable for 3 parakeets?

it should be very large so they could exercise

Why do guys like lap dances?

It is very stimulating. The view is awesome; the movement of the body, the thighs to thighs friction.

How yo lose thigh fat?

There is a very simple answer. Diet and exercise. Aim to keep your calorite intake to 2000 a day. Perform aerobic exercise at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes. Peform bodyweight exercises to tone your thighs.

Are thighs supposed to be shaved?

only if they are very hairy

You like your stomach it is very skinny and toned but your thighs are kinda big and you want skinny thighs how do you get them?

One word; squats.

Does Miniature Schnauzers require lots of exercise?

No, they dont need very much exercise but they would be ok with alot of exercise but it is not nessacary. they would be good pets for people with large yards or small spaces.

Your wife thighs are very often touched by men as thighs are big and fairhow to stop it?

may be she is wearing short skirts even showing panty.may be thighs are beautiful and smooth.ask her to move away with the first touch if possible.

If your outer thighs are in shape and muscular but your inner thighs are fat and flabby how do you make them as toned as the rest of your thighs?

i think women who have big thighs should be proud of what they got & what they dont got,im sure there's some skinny 90 pound girl wishing she had a booty,boobs & nice legs,then there's the thick chick,she wish she was skinny,so no ones perfect,be glad with what you got & make the best of it.== == Answer Eat less and exercise more. Working out a specific muscle or group will not rid you of "flab" in that particular area. You must burn the fat and to do so exercise and caloric modification is the answer. Answer Exercise and caloric intake reduction is the ONLY answer. Working out a particular muscle does not burn the fat surrounding it. You must reduce caloric intake (diet) and work it out. Answer Id like to disagree with the other post. Not completely but some what. O am a female I have huge thighs. Even when i was 130 I still had huge thighs!! and yes they rubbed. It is not a talked about thing because it comes so close to your private area and it seems to be a no no not to talk about. But I'm very comfortable about this subject. When I was younger I use to boogie board a lot, 12 hours a day. My legs thighs got very thick. And even now after picking up weight it has of course changed but just got fatter! But my whole thing is I'm not sure all areas of your body can be changed with exercise

How does accurancy differ from precision in a scientific measurement?

Consider someone firing a rifle at a target. If their shots centre around the bullseye, they were accurate, even if the scatter is quite large. If the scatter is very small (i.e. all the shots are very clustered) they were very precise - even if that cluster is far from the bullseye. So accuracy: how on target are you. Precision: How much spread is there around the target?

What exercises can you do with an exercise ball that will tighten your abs?

A crunch is a very effective way to strengthen and tone your abs. Done with an exercise ball, it will help to tone the area. You can also try push-ups and one-handed push ups on the ball to target your abs.

Why was Poland an early and easy target for invation?

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Does dancing help to lose hip fat?

You can't truly target where you lose fat. But, dancing is good excersise anyways!

Can you get a heat rash on the front of your thighs?

It is possible to get a heat rash on the front of your thighs. This is more likely if you wear very heavy or coarse clothing that can contribute to heat retention and skin irritation.

Where do I find a heart rate chart for exercise?

This website ( has some very concise and useful charts for deciding your target heart rate, as well as instructions on how to use them. The Fitness Target Zones chart should be the most useful.

Is football an exercise?

Yes, football is exercise, a very strenuous one.

Where can I find a diet exercise Plan?

Cardio exercise is very important when it comes to losing weight. You can find a very good diet and exercise program at or at

What exercises targets stomach and thighs?

Pilates offers a great option for targeting problem areas such as the stomach and thighs. In particular the challenging core workouts in the various Pilates methods are very effective.

How much exercise do St Benards need?

St Bernards are a very large dog - Used in Europe for mountain rescue they require considerable exercise wghich can be made up of at least a mile walk twice daily at least

Do goldendoodles need lot's of exercise?

Yes, goldendoodles need a lot of exercise. For most years of their young life, they are very energetic and get bored easily. They may start chewing up shoes, furniture, or clothing, or start running around and being very obnoxious towards their masters if they don't get exercise. Good ways to give them this exercise is to take them for long walks, runs, or go play fetch with them in a large, open place.

A very large body of saltwater?

Ocean is a very large body of saltwater.

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