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The erasure of traffic offenses is determined by your state and how they handle that. In some states it is 3 years, some 5. Just ask your local court how long offenses stay on your record. Some offenses such as OWI/DUI can be held against you for longer.

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Can points on license be erased?

Yes, after a certain time period of driving without getting any addtional points.

Can your DSI get erased?

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When you turn 18 does your speeding ticket get erased from your record if you get it paid before your birthday?

Speeding tickets do not get erased from your record when you turn 18 because it is not a criminal record. In most states, points on your license expire after a certain amount of time from the infraction no matter your age.

Can a misdemeanor in Michigan be erased if the charge is driving with an expired license?

It is possible to get it expunged. Check with the specifics for your jurisdiction to see what the process is.

If you get your first ticket for careless driving can you appeal it or take a driving course to get the points erased?

You can always appeal to the District Attorney. It is up to him/her to grant the appeal and the terms of the appeal. It never hurts to ask.

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