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In Massachusetts, a tree is blown down during a storm and falls across property lines. Each owner's insurance is responsible for removal and damages from the portion of the tree that fell on their property. In another case, when a tree has become hazardous and the owner has been notified by certified mail that it should be removed, he ignores the request and the tree comes down causing damages to the neighbor, proof of that notice might help the neighbor to prevail in a lawsuit.

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Can you sue your if someone's tree falls on your house in Ohio?

Probably not. If the tree falls on your house due to a storm then the neighbor is not liable for the damage and it will have to be filed on your insurance. The only case where a neighbor may be liable is if the tree was dead and the person knew it was dead and was a risk to your property. Why would you want to sue your neighbor anyway?

Who is liable when a neighbors tree falls?

It depends on what made the tree fall. If the tree is dead, then the owner of the tree is liable. If a tornado caused it to blow over it is considered a natural act and no one is liable.

Neighbor tree falls on your house who is responsible to remove it from your home?

If a tree falls due to a natural occurrence, No One is liable for an act of nature. It does not matter where the tree came from. Your insurance would fix your property and your neighbors insurance would fix his property in the same situation.

Who is liable when your neighbors rotten tree falls on your house or car falls on your property?

In general, Nobody is liable for an act of nature. Your auto insurance comprehensive coverage would cover damages to your car. Your homeowners insurance will cover damages to your home. The neighbor would be liable only if your can prove the neighbor knew the tree was rotten and posed a risk. If a car falls on your property, that would mean a tornado picked it up and it fell on your home. You insurance would cover that damage.

Who is liable if a person's tree falls on a neighbor's house?

Nobody is "Liable" for an act of nature. It does not matter if it was your tree, your neighbors tree or a tree that blew in from 8 blocks away. Your own homeowners insurance policy will cover your property. If your neighbor sustained damage, Your neighbor's Insurance policy would cover damages to his property. Just notify your home insurer of your loss.

Are you liable if your tree causes a power surge inside your house after rubbing a power line in the yard?

Liable? No. But you may want to get your tree trimmed so that it does not happen again.

Neighbors tree fell on your house who is liable?

Barring some provable negligence, Nobody is liable for an act of nature. Your home insurance should provide coverage for a natural hazard such as this, Likewise if your tree fell on your neighbors house, the same would apply. The neighbors insurance would take car of the neighbors house.Depends on a lot of things. Generally, the tree is considered part of the land. Where it falls is who is initially responsible for the damages. From there, it gets legal depending on multiple factors.

If a tree falls and harms a person can they sue you?

Simply being the owner of the tree does not make you liable.Generally, No one is liable for acts of nature. So if the tree falls due to a natural occurrence you are not liable. If however you were in the process of cutting down the tree or trimming it when some part of it fell on someone, then you could be liable due to your intervening act.The above being said, Anybody can sue anybody for almost any reason. Wining the suit however is another matter. They would need to prove that the tree falling on them was your fault.AnswerAnyone can sue you, for any reason. They may not win, but they can sue not only you but anyone else they want to sue.

Is the county responsible if a tree falls on your property and its on county property?

Nobody is liable for an act of nature. It does not matter who owned the tree. If a tree falls on your house just call your insurance company. If it just fell in your yard and did not damage your property you just have to get it removed yourself. If it's partially on your property and partially on the property of another, then each property owner is responsible for removing that part on their own property.

Where does a blue bird live?

In a tree,In a nest,In someones house (not alot though),On a telephone line,In a birdhouse.

If a tree on your landlord's property falls on your car at the apartment you are renting is the landlord's insurance liable?

No. This is an act of god. You should notify your car insurance.

What government is responsible if a tree falls?

None, Trees fall all the time, It's a natural occurrence. Nobody is liable for an act of nature.

Who is liable if a tree falls on your car at an apartment complex?

Fortunately, In the United States at least, no one is held liable for acts of nature. Your auto Insurance will, if you have comprehensive coverage for acts of nature cover the damage to your car.

Who is responsiable when a tree falls on neighbors car?

Mother Nature would be the "responsible" party. The homeowner is not "liable" for acts of nature. Your homeowners insurance is not responsible for a natural act that causes damage to property of another. Your neighbors car is not listed as covered property on your Homeowners policy. Your homeowners insurance would also not pay if the tree fell on your own automobile. If a tree falls on someones car they should file a loss claim with their Auto Insurance Company. If they have comprehensive coverage then it will take care of their loss.

Tree falls on car?

Hopefully you have full coverage auto insurance with comprehensive. The tree owner is not liable for damage to cars from falling trees unless you could somehow prove that he was knowingly or negligently responsible for the tree falling on your car.

In the state of AZ can your neighbor's tree be liable for damage of your sewer?

In the state of AZ can your neighbor's tree be liable for damage of your sewer?

If a tree in my backyard falls and does damage to neighbors privacy fence is my HO insurance liable for all costs or is his?

No, His insurance will cover his fence. Your home insurance is specific to your property and no one is liable for an act of nature,

Who pays for a house damaged by a fallen tree?

Your Home Insurance company will cover the damages. Nobody is liable for an act of Nature.

Who is liable for tree root damage?

owener of property tree is on The owner of the property where the tree is on.

Who is liable for tree root and water damage to a neighbors house?

If it was on your land - you are. But ask your insurer - you pay for advice not just insurance cover

A tree fell on your car at a friends house but they say the tree is on the neighbors property how can you prove whose property the tree is on?

It does not matter who the tree belongs too because neither one is liable for the damage to your car. A property owner is not liable for an act of nature and homeowners insurance does not cover automobiles. Your comprehensive auto insurance will cover your vehicle for damage from an act of nature.

How do you visit someones room on moshi monsters?

Just go to your friends tree in your house and type the owner name and click view.

Who insurance is responsible when a neighbor's tree falls on your house?

Nobody is liable for an act of nature. Baring some proven negligence on the part of your neighbor, there is no liability. Your own homeowners insurance should have coverage for natural hazards such as this. Likewise, If your neighbor sustained damage as well whether from his own felled tree or if your tree fell onto his property. His own insurance would cover the damage

Whose responsible if your car gets curshed by tree at someones house?

In this state if a tree falls and crushes your car, it is normally considered "An Act of Nature," and becomes your responsibility. However, in all cases you are required to contact your insurance company. So, if you are in this state contact your agent as step one.Comprehensive coverage for tree damageThere is no difference than if your car was parked at your own house, a friend or neighbors house or if you were parked on a public street.Your Comprehensive coverage under your own auto insurance policy would fix your car if you have full coverage.The home owner nor his insurance company is liable for damage due to acts of nature.If you only have liability then you will have to pay for your own repairs.Happy Motoring

Who pays if your tree falls on neighbors uninsured vehicle?

That's what auto insurance is for. Your neighbors auto insurance will have to cover his damages. In the United States. A property owner is not liable for acts of nature. It's no different than if his own tree fell on his car or if he was parked on a public street or if a tree was blown in from a national Forest down the road. No One is liable for an act of nature.

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