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Your tubes get tied so you will not get pregnant (97% sure) Nothing but abstanance is 100% sure

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If your tubes are tied you are NOT pregnant, but you WILL have a period.

You shouldn't be able to get pregnant is correct, but that answer is only if you live in a perfect world. I know that I have had a child and a miscarriage after my tubes were tied. There is no guaranty when the tubes are tied.

yes you can be pregnant with tubes tied but after a surgery called tubal reversal

If you are pregnant and your tubes are tied afterwords, you should be fine. but that means you can't get pregnant again.

well.... since the whole point of getting your tubes tied is to not get pregnant no...

If you had tubal ligation,then you will not get pregnant anymore.

less than 2% of wemen get pregnant after their tubes have been tied.

Can I still get pregnant while having my tubes tied and can they come untied on their own

You will never get pregnant as the tubes are cut and tied, the egg will never meet the sperm to make you pregnant.

Unless the guy has bionic sperm or something, it is not possible to get pregnant with your tubes tied. Actually you are completely wrong with with your diagnosis. You can get pregnant if your tubes are tied and it's called an Ectopic pregnancy.

Take the pregnancy test or go to your doctor.

No, not ususally. There Is Some cases when you get your tubes tied an it doesn't work. but my mom got her tubes tied and there are no problems.

when you get your tubes tiedyes and no when you get your tubes tied you can still have your priod but no you can no get pregant.yes you can become pregnant after your tubes are tied, burned, etc. It is very rare but possible.

No a woman can't get pregnant if she got her tubes tied no matter if she's on her period or not.

If the tubes are tyed you will not get pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

By the grace of god...why did you get your tubes tied if you wanted (more) children? I'm a med student and I know for a fact that even if you have a tubal reversal, chances are you still won't get pregnant.

None. Women have their fallopian tubes tied when they no longer want to get pregnant.

You can't get pregnant by taking pills, no matter what you do to your tubes.

Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

If the procedure was done correctly, no, you cannot get pregnant after your tubes were cut, cauterized, & tied. After all, that is the intended purpose of the procedure.

I had my tubes burn its bee 17years how or what do i need to do to come out pregnant

You should not be able to get pregnant. Just having your tubes tied would be enough to prevent pregnancy, especially if they were cut then tied (tubal ligation).

u can get pregnant if your tube were tied and not burned

I mit be pregnant cause my tubes tied its been 4 years yes u can