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The vagina is "self cleaning" which means it constantly produces fluid that washes down the vaginal walls. This helps prevent infections. So an increased sense of vaginal moisture is likely just your vagina doing some internal housecleaning. It is not a sign of pregnancy.

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Q: If your vagina is more moist could this be a sign of early pregnancy?
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When you are about to start your period can you vagina feel swollen and moist I also have pregnancy systems ia am not sure?

it can be pregnancy..or a form of might want to ask your gyno or go see one.

Why does fingering some times cause your vagina to hurt?

This can be due to the lack of lubrication. Be sure to use a store bought lubrication (such as KY found near the condoms and pregnancy tests) or make sure that your stimulated enough that your vagina is plenty moist. If you are dry, it can cause friction from the fingers rubbing against the inside wall of your vagina.

Are vaginas soft?

The vagina is moist and warm.

What is the meaning of wet in a sex term?

Moist vagina

Is there anything other than lubricant that can make a vagina moist?

Foreplay, stimulation using the fingers can make it moist

What does it mean when your vagina gets wet from sex?

When aroused, a woman's vagina and the surrounding area will become moist with a natural lubricant.

What is the medical term meaning wet vagina?

There is no medical term meaning wet vagina. A vagina is normally moist or wet, so no special term is used to indicate that state.

Do swimmers have a wet VAGINA?

Well, it depends on the type of swimming you're talking about. Breaststroke, for example, will leave a vagina moist, whilst a dive gone wrong can literally flood a vagina.

What is the clear slimy stuff coming from your vagina that comes out every day?

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. The clear fluid is produced by the body and its function is to keep the vagina clean and moist.

How do you know if a vagina is wet?'s moist. aka not dry. You will know.

What is a positive connotation for wet?

A positive connotation for wet could be moist.

Is a moist and wet feeling in your vaginal area 7 days past ovulation a sign of pregnancy?

Can be. Too early to tell. Impossible to know for sure yet. test when your period is late a day or so...

Can sperm go through jeans and get a girl pregnant?

It is extremely unlikely, but not impossible. Sperm that enters the moist environment of the vagina can survive, and it is possible that one could make its way to the Promised Land.

What inside of vagina makes penios feel good?

The warmth,tightness,moist smoothness in the vagina and the movement from the penis is the reason why it feels good.. "This was answered by a female" ;)

What does a clear discharge from your vagina mean?

That is normal. All openings in your body that have an 'outside', produce a discharge. It is usually made of mucous. You probably have noticed that your nose and mouth are moist like this. If the openings were dry, it could cause problems.The discharge keeps things moist and also move things out. When you breathe in, the clear discharge traps pollen and dirt and they come out on their own and when you sneeze or blow your nose. The same is true of the vagina.

How can too much wet before sex be prevented?

It can't. It is natural for the vagina to become moist.

Are vaginas wet?

Like all mucous membranes, a vagina is always moist to keep clean.

What age do girls get discharge?

The vagina is always moist to stay healthy but it increases when you reach puberty.

How can you tell if your horney?

If you're a woman: You'll get the dire to be penetrated into your vagina and the Vagina gets moist. If you're a guy: You'll get the dire to want to penetrate your penis into something and Your penis is erect.

When a girl is really wet does it mean she is pregnant?

No, a woman's vagina is always wet/moist due to discharge which keeps it healthy and clean. The vagina get more wet when she's aroused.

Where are the most cases of gonorrhea found?

penis,vagina,urethra,dark moist areas, mouth, and the rectum

What are the moist breathing sacs of early amphibians called?


What make cookies be chewey?

You could Add applesauce to make it moist! Moist is chewy!

Why are vaginas moist?

The secretion of sexual fluids by the glands of the vagina, help to soothen the penetration of the the penis during sexual intercourse.

Why does a woman's vagina become moist if she isn't aroused?

A woman's vagina, in a way, is its own eco system. Since it's internal, there's no way for a woman to clean it herself in a healthy way (feminine cleansers are essentially yeast infections in a bottle) The moisture in a woman's vagina is called discharge, it's generally a clear or white color and that is the vagina's way of cleaning itself. However if the discharge is yellowish or greenish that could be an indication of a yeast infection or an STD and you should visit your gynecologist as soon as possible.