If your vehicle is repossessed is it stored first until you catch up on your payments or is it sold Are the dealers suppose to notify you with a letter of repossession Is this required in Arizona?

Ok, for the first part of your question: In the State of Arizona, lienholders are required to give a 10 day right to cure. In other words, they have to wait for 10 days before they can sell the vehicle. As for the 2nd part of your question, in Arizona, they advise you in your finance agreement/contract that you sign that repossession is a cure for non or late payment. It is not their responsibility to babysit you. If your payment is due the 14th of every month, get the payment in the lien holder's hands by the 13th or call them and make arrangements if it is going to be late. The bank lendeth and the repoman taketh away.