If your wife and you truly love each other but she is pregnant with a coworker's baby but you want to save your marriage and raise this child but she is torn between you how can you gain her trust?

You are a rare and wonderful guy and she should be on bended knees thanking her lucky stars for having an understanding guy like you. I am sorry to say, your wife can't possibily love you as much as you love her or she wouldn't have started cheating on you with the coworker. Down deep she may love you, but it was obvious your relationship with each other wasn't a lovey dovey as you thought it was and you had problems in your relationship. You have the trust issue a little twisted here. It is not YOU that should be gaining her trust, but YOUR WIFE that should be begging for forgivness and regaining your trust back. From your question it appears your wife is still infatuated with the coworker and is hoping he will come around because she is pregnant and where does that leave you? It's wonderful that you are such a good, kind and wonderful man, but please, think this out. Even if your wife decides to keep the child and you both raise it, then everytime you look at that child you will remember the affair she had with that coworker. While you may beable to handle it now, things could change in the future. Also, that child would be a constant reminder to your wife of the affair she had and if she still loved this man it certainly wouldn't make your relationship grow stronger. Are you willing to risk this and perhaps damage a child that didn't ask for these problems? True love is about trust and honesty, and anyone worth their salt would work out relationship problems and stay together and work it out or separate, but not cheat! There are just no excuses! You are setting yourself up for some bad heartbreaks here. It's time you jumped into the reality pond and realized that it's your feelings that are at stake here. You need to sit down and take control of this situation. Tell your wife this, "I can forgive you for cheating on me, but you have no choices here. It's either him or me and decide now because you'll either be hanging up your coat in the closet or putting it on and getting out of here. I am not going to stand around and be used. I have feelings too and you broke that sacred trust of truth and honesty in our relationship." Don't give her an edge! She doesn't deserve it. Good luck Marcy