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The same as if she has not been having an afair.

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Q: If your wife has been having an affair what is she legally entitled to?
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Is Bianca in eastenders having an affair?

No she is not having an affair. The person she has been calling is actually her husband Ricky. They are using role play.

In what ways is Tom Buchanan a hypocrite The Great Gatsby?

He is mad at Daisy for having an affair with Gatsby while he is and has been having an affair with Myrtle. He even had an affair while him and Daisy were getting married.

I have been common law married for 20 years. my question is if i got legally married would i still be entitled to alimony if we ever got a divorce?

Yes, you would be entitled to alimony if legally married and then divorced.

If you have been separated for over 30 years but never divorced is your ex entitled to half your estate when you have been living with another woman for 23 of the separated years?

You don't have an "ex". Your wife is legally entitled to a portion of any property you own in your own name under the laws of intestacy. You can check the laws of your state at the related question link provided below. The woman you have been living with is legally entitled to nothing.

Should you stay with your woman after she has been having a 4 month affair?

no leave the relationship she obviously doesnt love you if she has had a four month affair!

Is a person by law considered divorce if separated for 35 years?

No. The couple is legally married until they have been granted a divorce. That means they are legally entitled to each other's estate in the case of death.

Can you overcome the emotional turmoil of finding out your spouse has been having emotional affair?


Is a stepson entitled to claim from his step mothers estate if he has not been mentioned in the Will?

No, a step son is not entitled to his step mother's estate. In order to be a legal heir he must be legally adopted by his step mother while she is living.

Your friend and you sell two guns and you been Subpoena to court?

Not enough information is given in order to answer the question. What kind of guns? Why are you subpoeanaed to court? If you sold them legally, to persons who were legally entitled to have them, you have nothing to worry about.

Can a marriage ever be the same after one spouse cheat or has an affair?

No. It will never be the same. The element of trust has been broken and you will always wonder if he/she is cheating or having an affair.

What has George Wilson learned?

He has learned that his wife (Myrtle) has been having an affair with Tom Buchanan.

What is it to not have an affair?

I have been seeing another woman just for friendship, i dont call it an affair,, an affair is kissing, going to bed with her, having a relationship with her, but coffee, no, my wife and i have had some strong problems with our marriage, but i have also been getting help with this and stress wich has been pretty sever , my woman friend is just a friend. So once again, if you are not having sex with her,,,,,dont consider it another relationship. hope this helps

Can your spanish husband be deported for having an affair?

No, as those laws have been abolished at the request of women's groups.

Why did Katie Price and Peter Andre split?

they split because Katie had been having a suspected affair with an old friend

Is priYAnka chopra is having affair with shahrukhan?

No, there is no affair. Priyanka and Shah Rukh have been very close friends. They have worked together in many movies.

Is America lesbian?

America is not lesbian, Madison shenk is she has been having a affair with Samantha and jessica (the horse lovers)

Does Gordon Ramsay have a wife and kids?

yes he has 4 kids and a wife. there is a rumor that for a while he has been having an off an on affair

Is Jennifer Nettles having an affair with Bon Jovi?

No he has been married to his high school sweetheart for over 15 years.

Who is soap actor Mark Pinter having an affair with?

The name of the person that soap actor Mark Pinter had an affair with, has not been made public. His wife Colleen Zenk did however divorce him, citing abandonment and infidelity.

Did Will Smith date charlize theron?

Yes. They have been having an affair since meeting in 2000 on the set of The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Why did john hagee divorce his first wife?

John Hagee divorced his first wife because he had been unfaithful to her by having an affair with a younger woman.

My friend has no tax or mot or insurance as his car has been of the road for some time i am thinking of buyin it can i drive it home with insurance only?

No, but you can book an MOT test for it and you are then legally entitled to drive it to the MOT testing station, provided that you are insured. Once it has been tested you can then legally drive it home from the MOT testing station, providing it has not been deemed to be "unsafe to drive."

What is the mode of transmission in hepatitis C?

My long time partner, heterosexual, of 27 years has been having a 5 year affair with a co-worker whose husband is HVC positive from kidney dialysis. He does not know if the girlfriend has been tested or if she is intimate with her husband or others. We have been intimate since I did not have knowledge of the affair until two months ago. The affair is on going. Should he be tested for the virus?

Is it wise to hire a private investigator to find out how long your husband is been having an affair?

It doesn't seem like a prudent use of money to me. If you already know he's having an affair, then what difference does it really make how long he's been doing it? If you're in divorce proceedings and your attorney advises that you establish this for legal reasons, that's different.

How do you get over an affair which was perfect till one partner lost the desire is confused wth stress at work and homeStress not related with us we love our spouses also and were happy in our affair?

You should not of been having an affair in the first place. If you really loved your spouses you would not have begun the affair, nor would you feel the need to get over one.