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Depends on what type of mortgage you are trying to obtain. Normally, conforming mortgage loans rely on the lower middle credit score between the two borrowers. This could possibly stop a loan from being approved. But, there are non-conforming mortgage products out there that will take the higher of the two scores to qualify for the loan. In most cases, though, that borrower also needs to be the high wage earner; but not always. Whichever the situation may be, you will find, unfortunately, that you will probably be charged a higher rate.

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Q: If your wife has good credit and you have bad credit what happens if you apply for a mortgage together?
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Who is eligible to apply for a CCJ mortgage?

In recent years it has become easier to apply for a mortgage with a CCJ on your credit report. The easiest way to determine if you're eligible to apply for a mortgage is to contact a UK independent mortgage broker after you have received your credit report from a credit reporting bureau to see if you qualify.

How could one apply for a 2nd bad credit mortgage in the UK?

Someone can apply for a second bad credit mortgage in the United Kingdom online. A person what has bad credit, they can still apply for a mortgage in the UK by filling out the application they can print online or get from a bank.

How can someone apply for a mortgage loan?

Someone can apply for a mortgage loan by going to the Realtor website. The website has information on how people including those with bad credit can apply for a mortgage loan.

Where can someone with bad credit apply for a second mortgage?

There are many places where one can apply for a second mortgage with bad credit. This includes lenders such as Norton Finance, YBS Online and Vanquis.

Where can I go to find out how to get a loan?

You can go online to apply for a mortgage at You can apply with any bank online. You will have to answer financial information and they will pull your credit report.

What do you need when you apply for a mortgage loan?

Good credit and adequate income.

How does one apply for a mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan taken out to purchase a house. One can apply for a mortgage by approaching a lender, such as a bank. The bank will need one's information, such as one's credit history and employment records.

Will it reflect on your credit if you have extremely good credit and you marry someone with bad credit?

No, but it may cause difficulty when applying for joint credit such as a mortgage. ___________________________________________________________________________________ You are a sole entity as long as you do not apply for monies together therfore you will NOT be penalized by your hubbies lack of credit. Y-THINK-Y

If you are married and your spouse has bad credit can you apply for a home mortgage on your own?

Sure, as long as your credit is good and you make enough/have enough assets to qualify for the mortgage. Again, the legalities that apply in one state, may not apply in another state. It will be wise to check it out first.

What process is needed for one to apply to new mortgage accounts?

There is a very specific process that one must perform in order to apply to new mortgage accounts. For example, one must check ones credit, and then one must go to a bank and apply for a mortgage.

Your husband has 3 acres in his name but not mine will it be difficult to get a mortgage?

It shouldn't affect a mortgage. The mortgage will be based on the credit worthiness, the down payment, the ability to repay the loan of the people who apply for the mortgage.

What are mortgages for poor credit?

It will depend on the lender, how much you need for the mortgage loan, what the price of the home is, and other market factors when you apply for the mortgage.

Where can one apply for a mortgage with low interest rates if they have bad credit?

The best option when applying for a mortgage with bad credit would be to speak to a financial advisor since applying for multiple loans can further reduce the credit scores.

What happens if you are 30 days latre on mortgage?

This late payment will show up on your credit report. In the next 12 to 24 months when you apply for other credit , it could hurt you somewhat. It will depend how you are paying your other accounts. If it is between being late on a car loan, credit card, anything else, make sure the mortgage gets paid on time.

How does one apply for a mortgage loan if they have bad credit?

It is not a good idea for one to apply for a mortgage loan if they have bad credit. If one goes to a bank or financial institution for a loan, a mortgage specialist will advise them that they will need to increase their score in order to be approved for a mortgage. One can increase their score by making payments on time, paying off old debts and not applying for new loans.

How can one obtain preapproval for a mortgage be obtained online?

One should first get their bank statements, tax returns, and recent pay stubs together to show proof of income. Ensure that your credit score is as high as it can be; the higher your credit score, the higher the chance you will be approved for a mortgage. Once you have your finances in order, decide on which mortgage companies you are interested in dealing with. Locate the mortgage company websites. Most companies will have an option to apply for your mortgage online.

Where can one find a Century 21 mortgage?

You can find a Century 21 mortgage directly at the Century 21 website. It is important, to obtain a credit report, before you apply for a mortgage at Century 21.

Where can someone with bad credit apply for a home loan mortgage?

Having bad credit does not stop a person from applying wherever they wish to for a home loan mortgage. It does, however, make it significantly less likely that they will be approved.

Where can one purchase a 100 percent mortgage?

One can apply for a 100% mortgage through their local banks and credit unions. One can also go online to apply on sites such as Quicken Loans and Lending Tree.

What paperwork do I need to fill out to apply for a bad credit mortgage?

For a bad credit mortgage you need to have a stable income, someone who can guarantee your loan, and a down payment of at least 20%. As well, the rates for these mortgages are much higher.

How can one apply for a credit card when already has a mortgage in the UK?

As long as one is not behind on their mortgage payments, one should not effect the other. If one hasn't been making payments they will likely not be accepted for a credit card.

Where might one with poor credit apply for a mortgage loan?

One can apply for a mortgage loan to any bank or building society even if one has a history of poor credit. Most lenders have a product that will be suitable however interest rates may well be higher than average, and the amount offered may be smaller than if one had good credit.

What kind of institution would provide a lender a mortgage loan if that person has bad credit?

There are many types of institutions that are focused on helping people fix their credit so that they can get a mortgage loan. A person with bad credit should wait several months to a year so that they can increase their credit score and then apply.

If you have bad credit but your fiance has good credit how will you be affected when applying for a mortgage loan?

Yes, if both people apply for a joint loan, both credit reports will be used to determine the elgibility of the borrowers.

In new york state if your name is on the deed and not the mortgage can you apply for a home equity line of credit?

Yes, you own the house