Birth Certificates

Ill be 17 and my bf be 19 when my son is due. If i put his name down on the birth certificate will he or still me gets all the rights or something?



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If you don't want to put the birth father down on the certificate you don't have too, but for the sake of your baby you should. You didn't mention if this young man and you were staying together or not. In most States you are a minor (he is not) and he could be up on "Statutory Rape" should your parents report him or some other source leaks this information out. He should also be made responsible for his child and whether you live together or not he should pay child support. Having a baby and raising that baby is extremely expensive and you sound like you need all the help you can get. If the father refuses to acknowledge this child is his then you can either have him sign a waiver the child is not his, or you can go to court and take full custody of that child. Age does not matter. Legally, when two parents are not married and they have a child together, the custodial parent(the one who keeps the child) has most rights to the child. Putting the fathers name on the birth certificate will help with a couple of things. You, the custodial parent, will have recorded his paternity to the child(he could sign an acknowledgment of paternity); and thereby making it easier to file for child support. As for your rights you will lose NONE of your natural rights to the child by putting the fathers name on the birth certificate. The father does have some rights to the child however. He has the right to visit and pay for the child (unless contested by either parent). He also has the right to demand a paternity test.