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If you don't want to put the birth father down on the certificate you don't have too, but for the sake of your baby you should. You didn't mention if this young man and you were staying together or not. In most States you are a minor (he is not) and he could be up on "Statutory Rape" should your parents report him or some other source leaks this information out. He should also be made responsible for his child and whether you live together or not he should pay child support. Having a baby and raising that baby is extremely expensive and you sound like you need all the help you can get. If the father refuses to acknowledge this child is his then you can either have him sign a waiver the child is not his, or you can go to court and take full custody of that child. Age does not matter. Legally, when two parents are not married and they have a child together, the custodial parent(the one who keeps the child) has most rights to the child. Putting the fathers name on the birth certificate will help with a couple of things. You, the custodial parent, will have recorded his paternity to the child(he could sign an acknowledgment of paternity); and thereby making it easier to file for child support. As for your rights you will lose NONE of your natural rights to the child by putting the fathers name on the birth certificate. The father does have some rights to the child however. He has the right to visit and pay for the child (unless contested by either parent). He also has the right to demand a paternity test.

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Your sons father is not on the birth certificate and has not had anything to do with his son for 5 years does he still have parental rights?

Single fathers have no rights.

If the Non biological father is on the birth certificate does he still have rights?

This begs another question: how did this man's name end up on the birth certificate? Until a court rules otherwise, he is the child's father and has all the rights that that entails.

If the father is not listed on the birth certificate does he have to sign for a baby to get a passport?

The are not always list yet still have court ordered rights.

If father is not on birth certificate does he have any rights to child?

yes they still can they will give you a DNA test for proof that you are the father of that child

If fathers name is not on the birth certificate nor did the child take on his last name what happens?

If the parents are unmarried, the same as if he was listed on the birth certificate. He's still financially responsible, without any rights to see the child. being on the certificate changes nothing. see links below

Does a father in prison still have parental rights in the state of Florida if he never married the mother and is not on the birth certificate?

No single father does until granted them by a court.

If the step father sign the an affidavit to be on birth certificate and the biological father hasn't did anything in ten years who has more rights?

the bio-father still has more rights as obvisouly he is the true father

Who has right a child if the mother and father both sign the birth certificate?

It depends on the state. In some states, a father who is unmarried to the mother acquires legal rights by signing the birth certificate. In other states, signing the birth certificate conveys no legal right, and the father still must proceed with a legitimation or paternity proceeding in order to become the legal father.

Is it bad for the father if he doesn't sign the birth certificate?

Single fathers have no rights whether he signs or not, but he's still obligated to pay support. see link

Will the father of a new baby have to pay child support if he signs the birth certificate?

Yes and he still have to pay whether he signs the birth certificate or not.

Does a father have to give up his parental rights for your husband to adopt your child if his name is not on the birth certificate?

No, if the bio's name is not on the birth cetificate then your husband should be in the clear to adopt your child!!! The father can still challenge

Is the biological father at fault if another man signs ther birth certificate?

The biological father can legally have his name added to the birth certificate at any time, unless he has signed away parental rights and the other man has legally agreed to adopt the child.Regardless of whose name is on the birth certificate, the biological father is still required to make child support payments.

If you give a baby your last name can the fathers last name still be listed on the birth certificate can the man be listed as the father on the birth certificate without giving the child his lastname?

Yes, but if the father is paying child support, with parental rights, he can file a motion with the court to change this.

Does a father have legal rights if he does not sign a birth certificate and he is not married to the mother?

yes he does still have rigths under penial code 56789.90, Also he has the rigths to have a DNA test.

If you are not the bioligical father and sign the birth certificate can the bioligical father still be ordered to pay child support?

Yes, but then you would lose your rights as the child's legal father.

There is No father on birth certificate can stepfather adopt?

If the birth father has paid no support and has had no contact with the child for one year, the stepfather may adopt in most states without permission of the birth father. However, this is still a legal process that requires a lawyer and court documents. The price can still range from $500 to $2000. In PA you can't put a father on the birth certificate at birth unless he signs for it and fills out a admission of paternity (if mother is unwed). If he is not listed on the birth certificate he has no legal rights and you don't have to ask him for anything. Especially if he cannot prove he was there or active. And if you went to domestic relations for paternity/support and he didn't show or pay it's an admission and most likely be seen as "turning over" his rights.

What happens if you sign the birth certificate and find out your not the father?

You're still not the father.

If I don't put the father on the birth certificate is he still required to pay child support?

Yes..My husband has a court ordered child support and he is Not listed on the birth certificate of his Son.

If another man signed the birth certificate is the father still responsibl?

By law, the "father" is the man who signed the birth certificate unless/until paternity is established in some other way.

Does a biological father who isn't on the birth certificate has never seen his 5 yr old child and doesn't live in this country still have to legally sign off his parental rights?

I'm no lawyer, but if this guy's not on the birth certificate in the first place...there's nothing but heresay as to his fatherhood, so I'd say he doesn't need to sign anything.

What happens if your on the birth certificate but you really are not the father?

Then you are still legally the father just as if you were genetically the father.

Will your name still go on the birth certificate of your wifes baby even if the biological father is there to sign?


If the father does not sign the birth certificate does he still have legal rights to the child if they are married now but weren't when child born?

There is not current applicable case law in challenging these rights, should a divorce take place. This might make for an interesting survey of family court judges.

What if you have a birth certificate from a different country can you still get married?

Yes. In the United States, you do not need to show a birth certificate to get married. What you need to show is valid photo ID. Foreigners usually show their passports.

Does father still have rights if not named on the birth certificate?

If you live in the US... He has the right to petition the court to establish paternity. Once that is done he can then petition for custody/visitation. Of course, he'll also be responsible for child support.

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