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Q: Im 14 am I too young to have a baby?
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How likely are you to get pregnant on the 21st day of your cycle with condom I am now 18 days late and ive had 2 negative hpt .. im too young to have a baby and im stressing a lot i need help?

If you're too young to have a baby then you're too young to be having sex. Go see a doctor.

Is a 14-year-old too young for a job?

yea it is but the hard pert is finding a job im 14 and im having alot of trouble finding one

What if your pregnant ex girlfriend will not let you attend your unborn baby's scan?

Nothing. Maybe it's not even YOUR unborn baby.

Im 14 and im 5 2?

me too

What do i do when my boyfriend is 14 and im 14 but he has a baby and he thinks i dont know but i do?

It is unfortunate he is lying to you about this but are you sure he does in fact have a child? If he does that too is very unfortunate at such a young age. Are you really ready to have a ready made family at the age of 14 to begin with let alone with someone that lies to you? You should really be doing things 14 year old teenagers do - hanging out with your friends, enjoying your childhood and concentrating on school. You should really think about doing what is best for you at this young time in your life.

Is 14 to young to be pregnant?

well, im 14. I'm pretty sure it depends on the person. the parents. but if you think you would make a good parent and you're ready for it. then go ahead :) In the 21st century, 14 is way too young to be pregnant! A 14-year-old is not ready medically, emotionally or financially to become a parent.

Why wont guys go for me im young an pretty?

You may be too young.

A 10 year old told you he loved you what should you do im 14?

Tell him he's too young and in a few years when your both older you might be able to get together

Im 14 he's 16 is he too old for me?

At age 14, you are far too young to be dating, with the possible exception of double and triple-dating. Many parents let their kids start single dating at age 17 or 18, when they are mature enough to have a chance of not screwing up.

Im 11 am i to young to start my period?

You are not too young, I started my period at 11 too and I thought i was too yound but some girls start at about 9 so you are not.

Im 16 with a 2 year old and a want to move out?

You had your baby very young - (did you know it was a crime for a boy to have sex with a 14 year old?) and you are still legally a child. Just because you are a mother does not give you the right to decide what is best for you (and you baby) at the moment.

Im 14 your bf is 16 you want a baby but he's not too keen on the idea we thought i was pregnant but i wasn't and it just made you want a baby more any advice?

what the hell. i reakon ur a bit of a messed up chick. 14 is way too young! I'd say your BF is on the right track. My advice to him is to stop having sex with you...I mean that in the nicest way! You'll thank me and whoever else that might say your way to young. I have one child, I was 19. He is now 11 and I still pull my hair out. I work full time, I go to school and the father is nowhere to be found. I am married now and it isn't any easier. SLOW DOWN mama!

Will you get marry this year?

no because im too young lol

Im 14 years old can you baby sit?

14 years old is a perfect age to babysit

Is 98 pounds too skinny for a 5'5 14 year old girl?

yeah its a tad bit too skinny. Im 14 and and 5'5 and I am 110. Everybody says im too skinny and im like nooo. and they say if i weiged any lighter i would anorexic :S

Im 13 is this too young to fall in love?

no its NT to young.... im 14 nd i feel in lov be for...... but yhu may jus think yhur in love it depends...... message my message bored!!blackbarbi

Am i too young for a phone im 12 and going into 7th grade and i do a lot of running around for sports band etc my parents are overprotective and say im too young Should I be allowed to have one?

If your parents think your too young you probably are but I have a cousin that has a phone and he is 10 just wait until you are 13

Im 9 an going to have a baby but when i told my bf he got up and broke up with me then rode his bike away what should I do?

Tell your mom! A 9yo boy is a child and is usually too young to have any sperm and you are too young to ovulate (both only happens in puberty). It's hard to believe this story is true.

Who sang the song with the lyrics caught in a trap i can't walk out because I love you too much baby?

ELVIS PRESLEY and the song is called suspicious minds and i know that and and im only 14!!!

Im 61 and always think of death?

Im 14, and i always think about death. Stay healthy, your still young.

Im pregnant at 14 im ready to take care of your baby any advice?

The only advice I have is if u somehow get another life, don't get pregnant at 14 again.

Where can you find a job Im 14 Help you?

well you can start off with maybe newspaper job or a babysitting job or keep looking on the internet im 14 and im look for a job too

What do baby pheasant eat?

i heard that they eat insects when they are really not quite trying to find out myself. Sorry

Im 12 and im falling for a 8 year old is this okay?

You are too young to be 'falling in love' but you can certainly be attracted to them.

Im 14 and 5 foot 8 is that too tall?

Not at all.