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It might and it might not, but don't worry about it. The size of your penis has nothing to do with your masculinity or how much the girls will like you. It's not how big it is, but how well you use it.

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2008-07-14 00:10:48
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Q: Im 15 years old and my penis is about 4 inches will it grow more?
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If im 16 and penis is 5.5 inches will you grow any more?


You are sixteen and your penis size is 5 inches when erect will it grow more?

it will grow until 17.

I am12 and my penis is about 3 inches when erected I do have pubic hair mostly on the base but also a little more and my penis is 2 inches soft and I have a friend who has a 6incher when hard?

You're normal.. Absolutely normal. The average size of an adult males penis is about 5 inches. Boys grow at different rates, so don't worry about it too much. You still have a lot of years to grow up so don't sweat it.

How do you grow your penis 4 inches?

All yo can do is wait for nature to run its coarse and when it is finished there is no more that can be done.

You are 13 years old and your penis is 4 inches hard is that small?

No, the average size of a penis is 6 inch when erected for an adult. You will be growing for several years more.

You are 13 yet your penis is only 4 inches long is this normal?

Yes, it is still going to grow more as you get older.

How can i make my penis bigger i am 17 and its 4 and a half inches when erected?

You can't make it bigger but if you are still growing then it is likely to grow more. This can be up until around 20-years-old

Im 14 years old and your penis is 6 inches long i know this is alright for the average but my brothers 18 and 20 have penises of over 9 inches. will i grow to their length?

It's more than likely you will grow more if you are 14-years-old as you are in puberty where your body changes into an adults and parts grow. Some people may say you are lucky to have a long penis and envy you, but it's not all good. Only you can decide that. It's nice you are close enough with your brothers that you can talk freely about these things.

I have a 6.5 inches penis I'am 13 year old it is ok?

OK? It should be great! The average adult male penis is almost 6 inches so you already have an above average size. Your penis should continue to grow for a few more years. Penis size does not make anyone normal or abnormal though. If you continue to grow, having a very large penis can affect your sexual partner. Be gentle, patient and ensure proper lubrication, if needed. Enjoy! Want my number? LOL

Hi you just turned 15 and your penis is only 5 inches hard how much more will it grow?

It won't grow, it will actually shrink about a half inch or so.

How can you make your penis grow 2 more inches its already 6 inches and im 24 years old?

You can't. There is no safe way to make it larger. Different pills are claimed to make it bigger, but it's all a great fraud. They don't do anything.

Is 5.5 inches a large penis for a 14-year-old?

Barely, it's half an inch above average, and it will probably grow more.

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