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Im 16 and my boyfriend is 18 and i mite be pregnant what can i do can i run away?



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NO DO NOT RUN AWAY!! THATS NOT A GOOD IDEA! TALK TO UR PARENTS IF THAT DOESNT HELP THAN LIVE WITH UR BOYFRIEND CAUSE U WONT HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE. No dont run away take a test and see first ANSWER - Definately find out if you are pregnant or not first!!! THEN -

If you were responsible enough at the time to have unprotected sex you must take the responsibility of the outcome. Running away is not an option because you cannot runaway from your problems or you will be running forever. I realize it will be hard but you should go to your parents and tell them what has happened and although they may be upset - when the shock wears off (and give them time) hopefully they will be able to discuss all your options and what comes next. If you feel more comfortable having a mediator there when you talk to your parents tell an adult you trust such as an aunt/uncle, grandparent, or even a teacher or guidance counsellor and have them there with you when you go to your parents.

You have to remember that your parents were young once too and they will be upset because they don't want their children to grow up let alone get pregnant - they want more for their children and now it will be a shock for them at first but let them cool down - leave and come back if you have to. Good Luck & Take Care.