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Im 19 and I have a 9 months baby and now pregnant. The father doesnt want me to keep it. But I dont believe in abortion. What should I do?


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January 19, 2009 4:53AM

Do not. I really mean it do not abort your baby. It is just killing another life. Its a piece of you. If its your first baby and you're going to abort it chances are you might not be able to have another baby again. FOR REAL! MAN DONT ABORT YOUR BABY I WOULDNT ABORT A BABY CAUSE HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR MOM ABORTED YOU? THEN YOU WOULD'NT BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW! ANSWER: Last I checked. The choice is yours, not the father's. It wouldn't make for a strong point in your relationship, but the choice is yours. The argument would be that he should have been using protection. Hind sight is 20-20 but the fact remains. If you don't want it, again, its your choice. There are also many agencies that can help you if you want to put it up for adoption, but again, its your choice.