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walking a lot is helpful--- i myself had false labor pain and i walk the whole park 5 times a day and when it was time to give birth it took me 2 hours to have my baby but don't forget the water and also sorry to be in your business ..a lot of sex help too... believed me i try this and it work for me--hope this is helpful best of luck to you and your pride of joy


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People just wanted more and cooler stuff so they started inventing things.

Symbols started as soon as writing started in the beginning of time. These symbols were used to represent things people wanted, needed, or valued.

It started when theIndians were thankful and so were Pilgrims and they wanted to have a day to celebrate it when they were giving thanks but not everyday just one day.

women wanted rights and men wanted them to be weak so then started with bewitchment as a sickness and acused them of witchcraft and satanous things

You could do a colouring competition.....or sell some of your un-wanted is to get u think of some yourself! :)

because they wanted to give their thanks to God.

It Started Because It Wanted Friendship To Be Better

he wanted to try different things instead of playing sports. He wanted to make a movie about him stripping and then started getting modeling gigs and then became famous.

philosophy is just a bunch of concepts or ideas so it started because people wanted to know why things were happening to them so they started thinking. basically some idiot thought he was smart and started saying things and someone dumber thought he was smart and called him a genius and tada a philosopher was born.

The controlled variables are the things that remain the same in an experiement. I'm only 11!!! thanks for that smart arsed kid, but i wanted a better answer.

Euthanasia was invented or started by Hitler because he wanted to purify the races (Jews) Euthanasia was invented or started by Hitler because he wanted to purify the races (Jews)

they wanted to give thanks to god. which is called thanksgiving.

There isnt never wanted however ther is wanted down cheat which is:- 267 555 0100. Thanks.

You could sign up for high speed cable Internet. You could also go with Satelitte Internet from Hughes.

they wanted more sports

This was started by a man how wanted rights for his country and wanted to vote out batista because he was corrupt, the name of this man is Fidel Castro.

The colony Massachusetts was started because of people who wanted religious freedom.

it was started because people wanted to worship God.

It all started with a company in the city of Nokia (located in Finland) that made rubber boots and car tyres. when the company wanted to expand, they started making other things as well, including mobile phones.

The pilgrims wanted to give thanks to God for giving them plentiful crops.

It actually started because of States Rights to have slaves and other things like tariffs the north wanted higher tariffs and the south did not the north didn't want slaves the south wanted slaves.

He wanted to listen to ϟƘƦƖןןΣx.

Its said "Afoyo Matec" or if someone has already said thank you and you also want to say thanks you say "Afoyo Bennae", which means thanks to.

Technically, not to a person if you're saying "Thanks galore" instead of "Thanks a lot". In this phrase, "a lot" is an adverb, while "galore" is only ever an adjective. If you wanted to say that "he did a great job, receiving thanks galore" that would work, because you're saying he received "a lot of thanks" or "many thanks".

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