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Im a 12 year old girl and you weigh 144 pounds Is this normal?

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I'm 19 and weigh 127 pounds...... you tell me!

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They can but it not that normal I'm ten I weigh 90 pounds

I am 9 and I weigh 80 pounds so I think it's normal

A 9 year old girl should weigh about 65-80 pounds

==Answer= What gender you are man. If you are a boy it is normal i guess but if you are a girl you should loose a pound

That's how much I weigh and I'm a really active 14 year old girl.

Yes! actually, that is healthier than most weights.

A weight of 95 pounds for an 11 year old girl is on the high end of a normal range. Generally, according to the BMI chart, an 11 year old female should weigh between 76 and 106 pounds.

Well I am a 10 year old girl and Im in the fifth grade and I weigh 64 pounds...If u are a girl its normal but if ur a boy its umm not so normalim 10 too i weigh 59 pounds about 5 feet tall and im under weight ur normal

I am an 11 year old girl and I weigh 61 pounds. I went to my pedeatrician and he said it was completely normal. And when my brother was 11 he wiehed 60 pounds.

they should weigh about 42 pounds.

It depends on how tall you are. I'm 10, and I weigh 76 pounds and I am only 4'3. Sometimes it is normal because when your 11, you're beginning to have a growth spurt.

Yeah. that's normal. my sister is 13 and weighs just about the same.

Yes. You are probably a little underweight but not too much.

97 pounds up to 123 pounds is the normal weight of a 13 year old girl who stands 5 feet tall. You would be considered obese at or above 153 pounds.

it really depends on the height of the girl, but no a thirteen year old girl should not weigh 130 pounds.

I'm a twelve year old girl...and i weigh 148 lbs. and I'm not don't worry bout it.

yes its fine for a girl to weigh 122 pounds, she will start getting taller around the age of 12 or 13

the lowest a 14 year old girl should weigh is 123 pounds her target weigh should be 143 pounds the highest should be 164 pounds

120 pounds a 14 years old girl should weigh. It can't pass to 120.

no it is to little try to be at least 78-85 pounds for your height and age.

Yes it is very normal to be that size. ya that's like in the normal range, im 13 and i weigh 145 pounds and im 5 foot 8