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Yes you can be pregnant, i had mild period like cramping when i fell pregnant with my 3 kids.

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Q: Im having slight period pains can you still be pregnant?
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My period doesnt come yet but im having sharp pains am i pregnant?

No you probably not pregnant

If you are having pains and headaches but on your period could you be pregnant?

Headache is not a symptom of pregnancy.

You are 26 weeks pregnant and are having what feels like period pains is this normal?

no it is not normal.

Can you be pregnant almost 4 weeks after your period and have almost like period pains?

The timing points to your having a period within the next few days.

You are having a very light period and sharp pains in the sides of your abdomen?

You might be pregnant - take a test

Could you be pregnant if you had protected sex on birth control and you were having your period but now have cramps and pains in you pelvis?

No, the cramps are probably from your period or if they could be from the 'workout' you got having sex.

Is it possible you are pregnant because you got your period 2 weeks early and have been having tummy pains?

Yes it is.

If you have period pains can you still get pregnant?


You haven't had my period in over a month and I'm having abdominal pains that feels like bloating Are you pregnant?

Take a test

If im having your period and you have some pains like im pregnant can you stil take a test would it work?

If YOUR having MY period, and I'M having some pains like YOUR pregnant, then WE BOTH BETTER HAVE SOME TESTS DONE because there are some mysterious happenings going on!

Im not pregnant but keep having sharp pains in your stomach and back?

This is either ovulation or a sign that your period is due. Or maybe you've pulled a muscleOr you could be pregnant and not know it. Go to the doctor and ask him why you're having the stomach pains.

Are you pregnant if you're having sharp side and stomach pains and burning breasts?

this would be hard to say if you are pregnant or due to start your period. as these are often signs of both. however if you are pregnant the stomach pains should not cause you to much discomfort and you should contact your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if you are having nausea and stomach pains and your period is 1 day late?

Its possible but unlikely take a pregnancy test

I have been having lower abdominal pains and my breast are sore and i haven't had a period in 2months does this mean im pregnant?

take a test

You only been on the depo shot for 3 months you had a period nov dec and that was it im having back pains tenderness in the breast bloating could this be the shot or pregnant?


You are not due on your period but keep getting stomach pains similar to period pains you had a long break in between your contraceptive pill which you are now still taking. Could you be pregnant?

Hi I'm in the same situation kind of I'm having pains which are similar to period pains and I got them one night and I remembered it not the only time I got these weird usual pains just kinda like period pains a week before on and off they were. I know that girls can still get pregnant even still being on a pill I'm not on the pill. The other day though I did get pains like period pains which was a week ago and I really thought I was coming on which I didn't. It bit strange in a way cause this has never happened before usually i get pains then start my period. Some girl said it was cramps before getting period but that wasn't what I was asking I wrote as a question period pains but no period and 1 of them put cramps and the other said you get them before you start. I know all that still I haven't got my period and I had period pains.

If you are having lower back pains watery discharge butterflies are you pregnant?

Signs of pregnancy are absent period and positive pregnancy test. Watery discharge, butterflies, and lower back pains are not signs of pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you had pink discharge a week ago but are still having period pains?

If Youv'e had unprotected sex,yes you could be pregnant,take a pregnancy test,Or be examined by a Dr.

What does it mean if you had a short period and you now have stomach pains?

You are not pregnant. The pains could be caused by something you ate, etc.

Can you still have period pains but with out having periods?

yes if your having these your most likely having sex in the midst or getting ready to have a period

What are some signs that a girl may be about to start having a period?

Signs that a girl may be about to start her period are stomach pains, sore breasts, slight more discharge than usual. Also, you may feel fatigued.

Why are you having sharp pains in your vagina at 36 weeks pregnant?

If you are at 36 weeks pregnant and having sharp vaginal pains, it could be caused by the cervix dilating. This can happen days or weeks prior to actual delivery.

Can you still get period pains when your pregnant?

yes you can. some pregnancy cramps feel like period cramps.

What is The fore water sac?

I've had 3 miscarriage. I'm 3 weeks pregnant & I started spotting an having slight pains in my back and stomach.What could be some of the reason for this to keep happening? == ==

If you have pains in the vagaina stinging pains and your breasts have a slight pain but a condom was used what are the chances of getting pregnant?

condoms do leak You need to see about getting on birth control pills and take them diligently You could have a vaginal infection or sexually transmitted disease The breasts are tender prior to your menstrual period Get a pregnancy test at the drug store and find out if you are pregnant