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Just took it to Midas.

and it was a stupid ROCK lodge b/t the thread of the tire which cause the vibration when i accelerated and here is the real stinker. took it to PepBoys Friday to see what the noise was and they said it was the STRUT. at first i was like hmm, since the noise was coming from under me and not the wheel base. i figure they must know what they were talking about and i fixed it and it cost me $535.00 for 2.

i have to say the guy name Robert was REAL honest w/ me at MIDAS. so I'll use them since he didn't try to bs me into something else. plus he even told me about the other noise i was hearing which i thought were my front break. and it was the brake rotor, but I'm going to have to push that back until i can pay for this $535.00 rip-off job from PEPBOYS

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:46:42
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Q: Im hearing a thumping noise when you accelerate sometime It would go away then come back The noise is coming from the driver side Right in front of the driver seat underneath I can feel the vibration?
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What does the thumping sound coming from underneath a van and vibration mean under the driver side?

check for a bad shock absorber or even a bad u-joint in drive shaft

Why does your 1997 sebring shake and make a thumping noise when you accelerate?

Most likely broken motor mounts.

Why does the back tire have a thumping sound every time you accelerate?

Its a slipped belt. Or even a bubble. My car did that only when i broke the stablizer.

What would cause a thumping sound under your car while breaking?

Is it accompanied by a shuddering or vibration? You could likely have bad brake rotors.

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What would cause a recurring thumping noise and a slight vibration in the floor when a car is moving but is not there when it is idle?

The driveshaft might be out of balance or dented in some way, also check the u joints

What could cause loud thumping noises from underneath a 96 Explorer between 0 and 30 MPH when the transmission is shifting fine?

Wheel joint, u-joints, Center support bearing.

How do you know if your tires need balanced vs. a front-end alignment?

If your car's tires are out of balance it will usually cause a vibration or thumping. If your wheel alignment is out it will usually cause the car to pull to one side.

What could be causing the thumping noise in your 2003 dodge caravan?

Bad tire? Rotate and see if thumping changes

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2003 Grand Caravan - occasionally hearing a loud thumping sound from underneath the front passenger area - they told me it was the belts and replaced - Now I'm hearing it again - Any ideas?

Do you hear the thumping a certain amount of time after filling the fuel tank? I have noticed that some time after filling up i also hear a thumping sound, it could just be fuel sloshing around in the tank. Have you had the struts replaced this is 03 everyone seems to forget these things need to be replaced too.

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What is the thumping noise and vibration coming from my right rear axle on my 99 mercury marquis i already replaced tires wheels brakes rotor and rear axle bearing?

It could be a suspension part such as a control arm. I just had replace the rear control arms on my 1993 Toyota Celica because the bearings in the control arms were worn out. It made a lot of rattling and thumping; when I replaced the arms the sound stopped.

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What causes a 1997 Infiniti J30 to have a loud thumping noise from right front and vibration when braking?

The brake rotors are warped. Someone tightened the lugnuts out of sequence. That compressed and torqued the rotors out of spec. Replace the from rotors and pads and the rear ones too, if necessary.

Why would a 96 Grand jeep Cherokee start thumping when accelerating and decelerating what could this be from?

If it thumps each time you accelerate and again when you decelerate or when it shifts, it could be broken motor mount(s). I agree with the motor mounts OR do you mean the thumping you hear/feel when you have a tire that is out of round, broken tire belting or the wheel weight has fallen off? If this is the case take your jeep to a tire center and have them drive the jeep to check out what they say.

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