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Hell no. Get all you can from her.

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How should you kiss your girlfriend in 5 grade?

You shouldn't have a girlfriend in grade 5 that's just sad.

How can you get a girlfriend in 6th grade?

just start thinking like you are in 10th class

How can i get a guy to like me and ask me to be his girlfriend we are in third grade same class?

you dont because you are too young

Should you drop an AP class?

It depends on your grade and motivation to stay in that class. If you have an F or D, you drop the class.

What should i do once i have a 6th grade girlfriend?

treat her like its yours hahaha

How do you get a girlfriend in 3rd grade?

You should have sex and go crazy all you want!!!

When do tenth graders get their first boyfriend or girlfriend?

You are should get your first boyfriend or girlfriend when your in 6 or 7 th grade

Should people have class pets?

People should have class pets. They should so they can be happy, have responsibility, and it's good for learning. I had a class pet in 4th grade but it died.

What grade can you have a girlfriend?

you should get 1 when you are in middle school, personally i think that you should get a girlfriend at the age of 35 because that's what i , Srikanth Venkataraman plan on doing

You have a 96 in the class and you got a 50 on your major assignment which is 60 percent of your grade What is your new score?

40% of the grade of 96 and 60% of the grade of 50 gives (.4x96+.6x50) = grade of 68

Is it bad that you dont have a girlfriend in 4th grade?

No, you do not need a girlfriend, in fourth grade. Wait until 6th grade. TRUST ME.

How should you kiss your fourth grade girlfriend in school?

Should 4th graders really be kissing? And in school? Inappropriate.

What are reasons why fourth grade should have a class president?

By having a class president in 4th grade or earlier, you encourage children to get involved in the political process and affect change.

Should you make out with your girlfriend were goin into seventh grade cause you both want to?

sure...when i was in 7th grade there were kids making out all the time

Should you tell your 9th grade brother that this girl in 8th grade ask if he had a girlfriend?

Yes,since he is your brother you shouldn't keep that from him. He should know if another girl is asking about him.

What grade is Jaden Smith girlfriend in?

he dont have a girlfriend

What is the answer to page 2.15 in Punchline Algebra book a how did Superman's girlfriend do in math class?

"She got the Lois grade" entered without spaces.

How did Superman's girlfriend do in math class?


What is the answers to page 2.15 in algebra book A what did supermans girlfriend do in math class?

She got the lois grade. Shegottheloisgrade

what would be the best way to get a girlfriend in 6th grade?

be yourself

Should you give your girlfriend a Christmas gift if your in seventh grade?

Shure! it is absolutely fine to give your girlfriend a Christmas gift in 7th grade. she will adore you if you do. she will think you think shes special and love you even more!

What grade should you start learning ballet from If you are a teen beginner?

In my studios, they join Intermediate Foundation. It is like a normal class but it can help your teacher decide what grade you should be in.

How do you get a fourth grade girlfriend?

you don't you're in fourth grade

Is it good to have a girlfriend in 7t grade?

It's not bad but you can't just decide your going to have a girlfriend in 7th grade. When you start to have a girlfriend make sure your ready to have one. It may be good to experiment but a seventh grade girlfriend is most likely an "in-school" girlfriend. No like dinner dates.

How much homework do you get in seventh grade?

You should plan on around an hour for each class

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