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Both have their own advantages. LCD has a better resolution than plasma of the same size, but plasma is better priced and has better viewing angles. LCD is lighter if your putting on a wall, but the bigger the TV the better reason for getting Plasma for viewing purposes. LCD are better smaller TVs.

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Can you purchase plasma and lcd flat screen TVs at amazoncom?

Amazon will sell almost anything including plasma and lcd flat screen tvs. Be sure to check out the specs very carefully because you cannot see the thing since it is online.

Where can one purchase a Samsung flat panel TV?

A Samsung flat panel television can be found at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Sears and Target. People looking to buy a new television should know that flat panel does not always mean a traditional HDTV flat screen. Many flat panel televisions have a flat screen, but a standard definition view with bulky back like a bubble television. When looking for a flat screen HDTV, make sure the description mentions that it is HDTV.

I'm looking to buy a new flat screen TV, but not sure if an LCD TV is the way to go or Plasma. Any help is appreciated!?

These two technologies have been competing for a while now and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I decided to get an LCD TV over a Plasma because I felt I got a better bang for my buck. Good luck!

Can a plasma screen be put in the trash?

If the trashcan is big enough sure. But why would you want to do that?

How can I safely clean flat screen TVs?

The best products to clean flat screen TVs are commercial cleaning cloths with a cleaning liquid. Make sure to use a damp cloth with lukewarm water.

Are plasmas or LCDs more energy efficent flat screen tvs?

Modern LCD panels can use less than half the energy than the same size plasma. Plasmas tend to be brighter however so be sure to see which one is best for you.

How do you transport a flat screen TV?

For short distances, pack the TV upright with blankets or bubble wrap on both the front and back of the screen. Wrap the whole thing with packing tape, and make sure that the placement in the moving vehicle does not allow it to contact corners or sharp edges, particularly on the screen side. For long distances or commercial applications, plasma and LCD screen hard cases are available from companies like SKB.

Do nintendo 64 system work on flat screen TVs?

Yes they do, make sure that you have a RYW output with your system.

LCD Trumps Plasma In Flat Panel Battle?

Many people are making the jump to the flat-panel HDTV. This is a big move, considering these HDTVs are quite the investment. However, there is a choice everyone has to make when selecting their first flat-panel TV, LCD or Plasma. The plasma screens were all the rage when the flat panel was first introduced. Everyone wanted to have the largest plasma screen they could, and for good reason. Plasma screens traditionally provide a very high quality picture that can be seen from every angle, unlike traditional big screen TVs. Recently, though, the LCD screen has really started to take off. While some argue that the plasma screen still carries a better picture due to the ‘black levels’ it shows, many people disagree, claiming that the LCD screens produce just as good, if not better images than plasmas. The biggest argument made for the LCD screen, however, is that it is better against what’s come to be known as ‘burn in.’ Burn in can occur on a plasma screen for those that play a lot of video games or watch a lot of sports with a score banner in the same place. What happens sometimes is that score banner or maps or other visual features for certain games can get burnt into the screen, and can be seen while trying to watch TV. Plasmas have come a long way, though, and have largely corrected this issue. So, most people in the electronics industry would argue that a plasma TV will be better for your money. Don’t count out the LCD screen, though, because it’s really growing in popularity, and rightfully so. With LED backlighting, LCD screens have noticeably better contrast, making them just as solid as their plasma counterparts. Either way, purchasing a flat-panel TV is going to cost a little bit of money, so make sure you’re prepared to spend when you head to the store. While you can find smaller-models for as little as $500, most of the flat- panel TVs are going to run you $1,000 or more.

Is a flat screen tv stand safe to have around babies?

A flat screen tv is safe to have around babies. If you hang it on the wall just make sure it is far enough away from the floor and on the wall sturdy so it doesn't fall.

What is the smallest small flat screen TV I can buy?

14 inches is the smallest small flat screen TV I that I think you can purchase. But again, I'm not sure if that is factual. So go to your local store and they may have display models for you to look at.

Why aren't there any 32 inch or smaller plasma TVs?

Not sure, I've been looking to buy one but can only find 43inch or bigger which is way too big for gaming.. I don't wanna have to sit 5-10 feet away from it! I need a smaller screen so I can play up close but I wanted Plasma because of its incredible PQ.

Can you lay down LCD?

Yes. But be sure that whatever you do you don't lay the screen on anything sharp, or if you do face up, be sure that the screen won't have anything dropped on it. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it but I've had to service the larger flat screen LCD sets by laying them down on their faces. The screen is very thin and can break easily.

What is plasma dialysis?

removal of waste product from the plasma......not so sure tho

What are different kinds of flat panel tv mounts?

There are large frame and small frame mounts. Large frame can hold a flat screen television that weighs over twenty pounds. Be sure to read the user documentation provided with the television as it should provide specific details for mounting a particular screen.

Can all flat screen tv's fit on the wall?

Fit? That depends on the size of the screen and the size of the space on the wall. But there is also the matter of weight. You can't just stick a couple of screws into sheetrock. You have to be sure to mount it on studs.

What are the three different types of bone shape?

I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but.. There are "irregular bones", "flat bones", "long bones", and "short bones".

How to fix a sound problem on a plasma screen television.?

There are a couple of different websites that you can try, not sure if they will all help you though. The one that I found that can be quite helpful is http://www.ehow.com/how_5304150_troubleshoot-sony-plasma-tv.html. It goes through step by step to try and diagnose the problem.

What is better for video games plasma or lcd?

Probably an LCD because I know a friend that has a big plasma and I have an LCD The LCD has better graphics and the plasma is a little blurry. If you have a big screen then it sucks for a ps2 but works really good with Xbox 360 and PS3, I'm not sure about just the normal Xbox though. also you can view a plasma at an angle and the picture is still there. if you get at an angle on an lcd the picture will blur out.

Does video gaming ruin plasma screens?

Playing video games on a modern plasma screen will not ruin the display. There are some precautions that can be taken to prevent 'burn-in' on a plasma display. As long as you mix up the game titles or use the TV to watch television broadcasts or movies, there will be no constant image in one area of the screen that can cause 'burn-in'. Don't leave a paused game on the screen for more than an hour, and don't pause DVD's for more than 20 minutes. Be sure to configure your game console to display the image across the whole screen at the maximum resolution your TV will support (1080p, if you can).

How do you sign in aim in school?

Secretly go on when your teacher isn't looking and make sure that the screen to the computer is facing you and the wall. Nobody else!

What does it mean to display the world accurately on a map?

The world is round, and maps are flat. It is difficult to accurately display a round object on a flat piece of paper.

How do I install HD flat screen tvs?

If you want to install your HD flat screen TV on your wall, you will need a wall mount. If your TV didn't come with a wall mount, you will need to purchase one. Make sure it can hold the weight of your TV. Installation is fairly easy and the only tool you will probably need that won't be supplied is a screwdriver.

What Sony Plasma TV has the best definition?

This biggest thing to remember when looking for the best Sony Plasma TV is that, each persons definition of the best, may differ. So when looking for the TV with the best definition you would want to look and make sure it was a 1080i ir 1080p. The quality in the 720i or p is not as well defined as the 1080's.

If your HDTV screen is all blue?

This indicates there is no signal on the input you are looking at. The TV set has numerous inputs, be sure there is a cable and signal on the input you have selected.

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