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Im on the 529 glyph on assassins creed 2 but i dont know how do do it any clues?

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the plot of assassins creed is an alien that sends a message from the past (in Ezio's time) to the future to desmont. it kind of confusing i dont under stand but when i do i will improve this answer.

no they dont you have to be logged into psn to play assassins creed brotherhood multiplayer. btw its a great game id give it a 9/10 :)

i dont know if it is one but i have all the truth files and you can maybe go to assassins creed 2 web battle and there it is maps over cityes (i dont know how you write that word) but there it is with truth file locations and feathers locations.

Assassins creed brotherhood came out after assassins creed revalations. Hope this helps you f@gg!t-a$$ gamers, and for god-sakes get the f*** out your house and see the sun for the first time. ..........alrite dush just leave it to the gamers to answer this ? cause u obveously dont know what ur talkin about it goes 2,brotherhood, time just go answer a ? where u know what ur talkin about.

i dont know if the same as 360 but on 360 its left on the d-pad

Firstly dont spend alot of money secondly pickpocket and thirdly do your tasks.

In Australia its the 15/11/11, i dont know about any other countries.

i dont think you can. in assassins creed 2 you can play as him in the flashback in the mid dle of the game but you cant exactly progress through the game with altair. i know u have to join uplay in order to unlock altairs armour u cant get altair.

I think there are 3-4 different benches, but i dont know the exsact location of them, sorry i couldent help with the locations.

Well it all depends. If you have Xbox Live then for sure Call of Duty World at War. If you dont have Xbox live then you should probably go for Dead rising over Assassins creed. Dead rising has a pretty good replay value and assassins creed gets VERY repetitive. Call of Duty is reallyyyyy boring offline cause you can only do campaign and Nazi Zombies.

i dont actually no but if any1 does get the six plates and u see the armor and this plz then plz put the answer on here it wud be amazin and u wud be a legend of ASSASSINS CREED 2. The assassin legend, Yo, listen i got all the plates and the armour and sword, but how am i gonig to give you a picture?

the HASHASHIN did infact wear a type of uniform research on google for more info but your everyday assassin dont they are just normal people like you and i but, with some skill that others lack. They are just poeple.

you cant drag body in the first one just the second AC. that was one of their new additions in assassins creed 2. you may be unhappy but i woulnt bother getting AC2 now. 3 is coming out soon. dont know when but i checked and it should be coming out in late 2010.if you look at videos you will see reveal trailers of AC brotherhood. there will be multiplayer action and hopefully there is going to be a demo. when assassins creed botherhood does come out you should be way more excited. assassins creed 3 should be a blast. if you can drag in 2 there should be in brotherhood (3)

Listen dont leave the animus i did and the game itched and i never could get back in and all thats out there is some people whom dont have much dialogue and a few hidden items.

yes it does. the combat engine shows its age the characters are boring except ezio and yusuf bomb making in the game is boring do to lack of imagination hookblade is ok not amzing the city is dule and ugly exploring cyprus was fun thats it dont buy it i like ubisoft i love assassins creed but this game sucks

We dont know yet. It does seem like it is capable of having a fourth game but we will have to wait and see. However it is the last of the currently released games. in my opinion I think there will be one more, but no more ezio, no more past, no more animus, just desmond, finding as juno stated "the path"

you dont you have to earn back your weapons by assassinating various targets first you get back basic weapons and then you get back the better ones

i found a chest in the rich district of Acre near the top of the big church on the way to the eagle view on top of the church its guarded by a templar but i dont know how to open it

i dont know why but i would say the ending means only the rule " nothing is true , everything is allowed". This sentence is given in all AC games

If u complete all the master assassin missions 100% successful u will unlock the master assassin armor and weapons for ezio and you dont have to pay for it

thats kind of obvious, since all of the trailers show a person (conner) that is desmonds ancestor. we just dont know why he would need to use it yet.

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