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the 302 flywheel is the same as as the 351.I just converted my 79 van 351 with an automatic tranny to a 5 speed manual from a 302.everything bolted right up.

2007-05-12 05:36:47
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Q: Im trying to put a t-5 trany in a 75 ford E 250 van with a 351w motor is the flywill from a 302 the same as a 351w?
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What motor mounts fit a 351W to put into a 68 Mustang that is originally a 200ci 6 cylinder?

The 351 was not available in the 68, but the 289 was so just use those mounts, the 351W is a small block and is the same as the 289.

Can you swap a 1971 ford 360ci engine for 1 1983 ford 351w?

yes, but it's not a direct swap. the 351W is a small block and the 360 is a big block. As such you will need to change things like motor mounts.Good luck

1977 f150 4x4s were not made with 302 engines in them Do you need custom motor mounts if you want to put this engine in the truck?

I am not a Ford man but motor mounts for a 351W engine may be what you want.

What is the firing order for 1989 indmar 351w motor?

1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 Click the link.

Can you swap the stock I6 with a 351W in a 94 F150?

The answer is yes you can. The bellhousing is the same for the I6, 302, and 351w. You will need the flywheel for the engine you are swaping in. You may also need to change the computer. But if the motor is from around the same year everything should connect just fine.

Will a 351w swap with 300 6cyl?

Anything ispossible I ones swap a 351W to a Strait 6 Cyl.

How do you tell the difference in the 351w and the 351c?

There are different ways. One is that the 351w fuel pump bolts to the timing cover,the 351c bolts to the engine block. Water flows through the 351w intake manifold and does not on the 351c. The 351w has inline valves and the 351c has canted valves. The 351w has squared intake ports and the 351c has huge round ports. Hope this helps some.

Which is a better motor a 351m or a 351c or 351w?

They are all good engines but the m is not a powerful engine. The 351c code R is considered by most to be the most powerful but there were low power models built which was Code H. The 351W is an entirely different engine than the 351C even though they are the same size.

Is the bolt pattern the same for a 351M and 351W?

No, the 351m has a big block bolt pattern, and the 351w has a small block pattern, this caused some what of a problem for me seeing as I had 5 spd tranny off a 351w that I wanted to put on my 351m.

Will a 351W or 351C fit in a 95 Explorer 4dr?

Both types of engines will fit into your 1995 Ford Explorer. The engines are basically the same size and share the same motor mounts.

Which way does the distributor turn on a 351w?


Will a 351w bolt up to an aod?


How do you tell a 302 from a 351w and a 351m?

The simple difference between the 302 and 351w is simply deck height. The 351w is taller. They share a majority of interchanging components. Both the 302 and the 351w have a water cooled intake meaning a water bypass hose between the water pump and intake. The 351m would have an aircooled intake meaning no bypass hose. Also the head design of a 351m would make the engine look a lot larger (wider) than the 302/351w

Where is the EGR Valve located on a 1987 Ford F 150?

what motor is it? on my 1990 F150 5.8L 351W its located on the front passenger exhaust manifold. looks kinda like a space ship

What carburetor is used on a 1985 351W?

Holley 4180

How do i static time an engine?

how to static time a ford 351w

How much cc is ford 351 engine?


What motors in a crown Victorian 351w or 351m?

351m (modified) were last made in about 1980 to 83... 351c (clevelands) were last made in about the same time. the police interceptors had a 351w with a card on it.

What is the horse power rating for a 1996 ford 351W?

205 HP

What is the horsepower of a 1974 ford ltd11 with a 351w engine?

163 HP

Is there any way to replace a oil pump in a 351w without pulling the motor?

Depends what vehicle it's in. Some trucks - yes (depending on year), cars are tougher. A lot of the time you can take off some of the top (plennum or distributor, etc) and just lift the motor enough to get the oil pan off.

What are the timing marks on a Ford 1984 351w motor?

little cyrcle on cam gear, and a little cyrcle on crank gear. Cam cyrcle should be down and crank cyrcle should be up. They should line straight up and down?

What is the piston sequence in a 351w?

if you mean firing order , it is written on the inlet manifold

What type of engine does a 1978 ford 250 custom have?

most likely a 351w

Will a 4.6 fit in a 66 mustang?

No, it's to wide, the largest that will fit is the 351w