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There is no more timing marks for a 98 vortec you have to go off marks on distribitor & use a scanner. You are setting cam timing

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Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 1999 Ford Ranger V6 3.0L?

if it has a distributor, its in the distributor, if no distributor its at the front of the engine by the crankshaft damper

How to set distributor on Chevy Chevelle?

You need to pull out number one spark plug put finger over hole when you fell compression that will be top dead center timing mark on damper wheel should be on timing mark . Install distributor with rotor pointing at number one plug on cap. May have to use long screwdriver in hole to line up oil pump to distributor.

How do you set base timing on 96 jeep v8?

Line up mark on crankshaft damper with 0 mark on timing cover. Line up distributor rotor with line on pick up plate .The final timing is set by a using scan tool to sync the distributor to the cam sensor at 0 degrees.Line up mark on crankshaft damper with 0 mark on timing cover. Line up distributor rotor with line on pick up plate .The final timing is set by a using scan tool to sync the distributor to the cam sensor at 0 degrees.

What is another name for harmonic balancer?

AKA, crank pulley damper, crankshaft damper, torsional damper, or vibration damper.

Materials use in buildings Taipei 101 and world financial center?

Taipei 101 is built using;Steel;Glass;Concrete,A 730ton tune mass damper;Metal cables to hold up the damper.

Chevy 5.0 won't start after new distributor cap was put on no wire changes so same order. Was working then new cap now no start Might accidentally pulled a wire loose What'sHarmonic balancer?

did you replaced the rotor / it is a damper on the crank shaft for vibration

How is damper made from grass seeds?

well they pick grass and put it in the damper and mix it and it becomes damper

Where did damper originate from?

Damper originated form Australia

How do remove and replace a strut on a 97 Nissan Sentra GXE?

Honda calls it a damper. If you want the front damper. Remove the brake hose clamps from the damper remove the damper pinch bolt (on the bottom). Remove the damper fork bolt. then remove the damper by removing the two 10 mm nuts on top. Do not try to Disassemble the Damper without a spring compressor.

What is a damper?

damper is a Australian bread.That is a type of food from Australia.

What is a damper pull used for?

A damper will help to reach the damper without getting burned and keep your hands free of soot.

How do you set the timing on a 1969 Buick 350?

Disconnect and plug the distributor advance vacuum hose. Loosen bolt, but leave it snug on clamp that holds down the distributor. Clean the timing marks on the damper and the degree scale so they are visible. Run engine until warm and idling at 650 rpm in park or neutral. Using a timing light connected to number one spark plug wire, rotate the distributor back and forth so the 0 on the scale lines up with the mark on the damper. All 1969 Buicks with the 350 engine, the timing calls for TDC (0) accept the Lesbre which is set at 5 BTDC. Shut engine off and reconnect distributor vacuum advance hose and tighten distributor clamp bolt.

How do you change a distributor in a Cherokee?

I assume this is a distibutor in a 4.0L Cherokee. It is rather simple and much like changing any other vehicle's distributor but here are directions for the 4.0L. If the distributor is still on the engine: Removal - Disconnect the battery negative cable. - On vehicles equipped with A/C, remove the electrical cooling fan and shroud assembly from the radiator to allow room to rotate the engine with a socket and ratchet using the vibration damper bolt. - Scribe a mark on the distributor housing below the left side (past) the number one spark plug wire post of the distributor cap for reassembly reference for No 1 cylinder firing position. - Remove the distributor cap. - Turn the engine in a clockwise direction until the rotor is approaching the scribed mark on the distributor housing. Then slowly turn the engine until the timing mark on the crankshaft vibration damper lines up with zero on the front cover timing scale. P.S. The timing mark is located on the edge of the vibration damper closest to the front cover. - Align the trailing edge of the rotor blade with the mark previously scribed on the distributor housing. - Remove the retaining bolt and clamp and remove the distributor. Install - If needed, use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the oil pump gear shaft until the slot is slightly past the 11 o

What is the meaning of a chimney cap damper?

A top damper or cap damper is a metal spring door placed at the top of the chimney with a long metal chain that allows one to open and close the damper from the fire place.

How do you set the timing on a 2001 1500 Dodge pickup with a 5.2 engine... Removed the distributor and now cant get it to time with a timing light?

You need to reposition the No. 1 piston to TDC (top dead center). You can do this by removing the spark plug from the No.1 piston and feel for compression as the crankshaft is turned. Or, you can rotate the crankshaft by hand with a large breaker bar and socket and align the the crankshaft vibration damper scribe mark to the TDC mark on the timing chain cover, while the distributor rotor points to the distributor cap terminal that fires the number 1 cylinder.

How do you remove the lower crankshaft damper on a 1988 Bronco 2?

You need to use a puller tool. The trick is not to pull against the stamped center of the damper that looks like a washer. You need to thread the crankshaft bolt out a bit and push against the bolt head.

Is the center bolt on the crankshaft damper pulley reverse threaded on a 1996 Chrysler LHS 3.5L?

No. Counter clockwise to loosen. It is very tight.

Discuss how effective a car suspension damper would be if the oil in the damper was replaced by oil that was much more viscous?

The effectiveness of a car suspension damper after exchanging the oil in the damper with oil that is much more viscous is increased. The viscous oil gives a smoother and a more powerful effect to the suspension damper.

What is the difference between damper and bread?

The difference between bread and damper is simply just that damper is traditionally cooked on the ashes of the fire and sometimes has baking soda .

How do you find top dead center on a ford 5.0 liter engine?

The timing marks are on the vibration damper (front pulley) and a pointer on the front cover.If it is pointing to TDC (0 degrees) on the damper you are at TDC compression stroke or exhaust stroke.If your distributor is still installed and the rotor is pointing to the number plug wire on cap you are at TDC compression stroke.If your distributor is not installed remove number 1 spark plug (front cylinder on passenger side)rotate crankshaft with a socket clockwise,hold your finger over spark plug hole when you are reaching TDC #1you will feel the compression.If there is no compression you are on the exhaust stroke.Rotate crankshaft 360 degrees to reach compression stroke.

What are the differences between a damper and a Louvre regulating unit?

what are the difference between a damper and louver

What do you call a silencing pad for a piano string?

The parts to which you are referring are the damper and damper pad.

Use the word damper in a sentence?

When you press the pedals on a piano, you control the damper on the strings.

What is a damper in automobile?

The "balancer" mounted to the front of the crankshaft is also called a vibration damper.

What Aboriginal tribes ate damper bread?

Damper was a European invention, so traditional Aborigines did not eat damper. Aboriginal tribes would make their own breads out of seed of plants they collected, but they did not make damper from flour and water as Europeans did.

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