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Your cell phone, your TV, car, Video Games, ETC would not be here without them.

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computers are and easy way to get information

If it wasn't for computers, you couldn't get an answer to this question.

computers are important because we can search many things in there

One of the importance of computers in the Hindi language is that they are used for translation purposes. They are also used in the processing of data in the Hindi language.

Computers run on electricity. Without electricity, there'd be no computers.

Efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

To write an essay about the importance of computers in life, it is convenient to start with the benefits of computers through the years. Discuss some of the tasks that have become easier to carry out because of computers.

Computers are now-a-days play a major role in entertaining the people.

Computers work almost exclusively in binary, internally.

It enables you to understand how computers have evolved and to talk cogently on the subject.

The importance and the freedom involves.

by searching on google and chatting in your family

The importance depends on the person. Computers at home can be for entertainment. They can help you communicate and reach out to others. They can be good for research, enable you do business transactions, and so much more.

Is this a serious question? If so, computers are IT (acronym for Information Technology). Plain and simple.

Importance of Computers -Computers are very important to us, because it can let us do our work faster and easier. -Computers are very important to us because they give us access to more information in research and business. -Computers offer the most modern and rapid means of communication (phone, text, e-mail, chat)

its used in computers and other important things

Because to maintain employers list and their details

because of the importance of computers in the workplaces today

Computers are important in the agriculture sector for many reasons. The computers help farmers with record keeping and there is software to help with planting and weather conditions.

Of course computers are important in advertising! you wouldn't be able to make advertisments if you didn't have computers. A lot of ads have computer generated effects or animation, this wouldn't be able to be done without computers.

Computer modelling and theoretical yield calculations