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The most important purpose of grammar is to insure that people understand what you are talking about.

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Q: Importance of grammar
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What you the importance human sexuality?

What you the importance proper grammar.

What is the importance of spelling and grammar checker?

Spell checking and checking a document for grammar is very important if you want your document to be easily understood and look professional.

Do you think grammar is overemphasized or underemphasized in schools?

It is not accorded due importance in schools. In some schools, even the teaching staff lack due knowledge in grammar.

What is the importance of grammar in English language lerning?

Just how important it is to 'learn' spellings first.

History of structural grammar?

The history of structural grammar goes back to ancient Sumerian societies. They were a very prosperous civilization who quickly realized the importance of record keeping.

The importance of grammar?

You need to know grammar so others understand what you are saying. If you don't use grammar it would be like this: See.this why need know grammar?Grammar allows for words to make sense, so that words aren't simply plopped down into meaningless jumble. Grammar allows us to be understood. In a short answer, go to any person or post with bad grammar, and see for yourself while you attempt to understand them.

What is the Importance of studying grammar and speech?

have always a big role in the individual and collective lives of the people

What is the importance of pronouns and adjectives?

The importance is fundamental on all languages' grammar. Using adjectives you can express the quality of any object or person. Without adjectives you couldn't say how any object looks like. Not only pronouns and adjectives are fundamental on grammar, but all elements of syntax are also important.

What is the importance of knowing grammar?

Grammar is important so that people can understand each other.A good writer has a good grammar.Because in order to write one should know how to use words correctly.

How do you write a short essay on the importance of reading books?

When you write a short essay on the importance of reading books you should make a special note about how reading improves grammar and spelling.

What are the importance of grammar in both oral and written communication?

The importance of grammar in both oral and written communication is to have a standard form that makes it easier for large numbers of people to understand what is being said. If people do not agree on something, like tense, for example, it will make it difficult to know when something should happen.

What are the importance of English language in daily life?

to read, to speak ,to spell. PS: grammar sucks

What is the importance of proper grammar in the professional world?

It's really all about your target audience. If the people to whom you will be speaking will be jarred by poor grammar, then it is important to have proper grammar. However, if those people will not be bothered by poor grammar, then proper grammar isn't necessary. However, in the latter case, it would be important to be able to switch between proper grammar and "everyday speech" depending on context, so being aware of proper grammar and being able to use it is essential even if your professional context doesn't require it all the time.

Importance of functional English postgraduate level?

The importance of the functional English postgraduate level is that it helps in the language mastery. The learner can therefore teach and write a story in perfect grammar even if he is not a native English speaker.

Is importance a noun?

Yes, the word importance is a noun, a common, uncountable, abstract noun; a word for a state or fact of being of great significance or value. Example:The importance of using good grammar is to be able to communicate with the widest range of people.

What is the importance of the Whiskey Rebellion?

Please learn to use proper grammar before asking questions again. It should be "What is the importance of theWhiskey Rebellion?"Thank you and goodbye.

What is th importance of spelling and grammar check?

Spell and grammar is very important to present a professional, clean and warm image. If you don't spell check and grammar check, and you do not write English well, some errors and mistakes will pop. I suggest using Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It adds spell checking, and optional grammar checking, to all windows programs. This includes email, word, wordpad, etc..

What are the importance of tle?

The answer to this would be much easier to find if you would use proper grammar (What *is* the importance of *TLE*) and spelled things out (TLE? Do you mean television or The Lame Encyclopedia?) If you follow those guidelines resubmit your question, your answer will arrive faster. Thanks!

What is the importance of knot tying on board?

Generally you are talking about a complicated knot. I tie a bosn's knot and created a jig to tie it. I edited the question to correct the grammar.

Is 'more clearly correct grammar?

The members recognize the importance and effectiveness of the activities but a more clearly communicated three to five year vision may be beneficial.

Importance of proper grammar in the academic world?

proper grammar is important because it is an indication of proper education and an understanding of the matter of which you speak. it is also important because people are judged by the way the speak. think about it. how do you think southern people talk? ghetto people? everyone is classified these days.

Is it grammar or grammar?

It is grammar.

What are the importance of studiying literature?

Well, I would think that studying literature would be a great way to master correct grammar and spelling. You really should give it a try!

What are the importance of being able to edit documents effectively by using a word processor?

Word processors make it easier to correct grammar mistakes, it makes the document more organized and literate.

What is the difference between descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar?

There is no difference. Neither exists. Grammar is grammar, period.