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The Ring was stolen, and while they had all suffered for the trip into the goblin caves, only Bilbo came out without any trouble. In addition, it was a magic Ring that begins working on its keeper at once - the possessor would not want anyone to know about it that might take it from him.

It may have been the influence of the One Ring on his mind already.

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Bilbo uses the ring to become invisible. He taunts the spiders until they chase his voice away from the dwarves. He doubled back and freed them.

He has to help remove the Necromancer (who really is Sauron seeking the Ring) from Mirkwood.

Bilbo was the burglar on the journey with Thorin and his dwarves. Bilbo's job was to carry the ring of Sauron.

Bilbo, a hobbit, is sent with a group of thirteen dwarves to recover the vast treasure that was stolen by the evil dragon Smaug. In the story, Bilbo saves the dwarves from many dangers, succeeding each time only because of mere luck. Bilbo also finds The One Ring.

The wood elves capture the dwarves for trespassing in their lands without permission. They would have captured Bilbo too, if not for the fact that he was wearing a magical ring that made him invisible.

bilbo got the gold the dwarves promised, goes back to the shire, and puts the ring he found in the cave he met gollum in on his mantel.

Bilbo got the gold the dwarves promised, goes back to the shire, and puts the ring he found in the cave where he met gollum on his mantel. Bilbo goes back to his little hobbit home with the ring he found while trying to escape the goblins in their cave after earning the eternal gratitude of the dwarves, elves, and humans.

The Ring helps Bilbo become invisible when he wears it.

The Hobbit tells the story of how Bilbo Baggins got sucked into an adventure, met the Dwarves and Gollum, and found the One Ring.

One of them was the fact that none of the dwarves really liked him or trusted him. That is, until after he discovered his Magical Ring.

Bilbo slipped on the ring and was invisible.

It is basically about Bilbo Baggins,(Frodos uncle) and how he foes on a quest to kill the dragon with the dwarves and how he ends up finding the "ring". if you are going to read the lord of the rings you have to read the hobbit first.

The Hobbit is not a history telling book, as the Silmarillion is. The Hobbit is solely about the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, and his adventures. Probably the most important thing you learn of is the passing of the Ring to Bilbo, which is the whole problem in The Lord of the Rings. You also see how important the quest of the dwarves is, because if Smaug instead of the dwarves were there, he may have done terrible things under Sauron's dominion, just as Gandalf recollects.

Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit in The Hobbit, a sort of prequel to Tolkien's series The Lord of the Rings (consisting of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King), who lives in Bag End, a hobbit-hole in Hobbiton.In The Hobbit (or, There and Back Again), Bilbo goes on a quest with a bunch of dwarves and a wizard named Gandalf to defeat the dragon Smaug, and reclaim the treasure (some dwarvish) which, over the years, Smaug has collected.In the actual Lord of the Rings series, Bilbo is grandfather to the (orphaned) main character, Frodo Baggins.

He hated him for taking the ring from him

Bilbo wears the One Ring and becomes invisible to avoid capture by the wood elves. Then he infiltrates their fortress and roams around all the while being invisible with help of the Ring. Then he uses the Ring to help the captivated Dwarves escape the prison of Thranduil.

in chapter 8 after they fight the spiders

Bilbo finds a magical ring. This ring allows you to turn invisible.

He uses the ring many times in The Hobbit. He uses it to escape from Gollum and exit the mountain, he uses it when spying on the giant spiders in Mirkwood, he uses it when the Dwarves are captured by the wood elves, and he uses it when in Smaug's lair.

Many people knew that the One Ring existed, but they didn't know that Bilbo had it, except for Gollum. Gandalf suspected that Bilbo had the ring, but he wasn't sure.

At the end of the "the Hobbit" Bilbo leaves a note with the ring attached to it, saying that he plans to go traveling. At the beginning of "fellowship of the ring" Gandalf tells frodo to take the ring to Mordor and destroy it in the fires of the volcano. Bilbo does have a few minor parts in the later books but he is an old hobbit.

In the Fellowship of the Ring, the most recent king of Moria is Balin. Balin is both the cousin of Gimli and one of the dwarves who accompanied Bilbo in The Hobbit.

Bilbo found both the ring and Gollum.

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