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In 1732 what did the homes in colonial Georgia look like?


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The house was made out of bricks

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The first houses in Colonial Georgia were two room homes. They had one level. The rooms in the house were the parlor, and the hall. Later homes had four rooms, and two stories.

It was a colony that was run by England.

Georgia was not a state at this time. Georgia became a state in 1788.

It wasent very good it was poor little books and stuff but nobody cared Georgia contuines to remain a stupid state

They look like a box left in the rain.

very good, perfect... I mean it was great

lots of kool things like treehouses!

The soil of The Colony of Geargia was ery berry fresh

like the ones today just older and not that nice

lots of slaves and not very many women,except for the slaves there was many things for comfort also.

they would play sports like we do just not competively as we do

In the 1730's, Colonial Georgia was against slavery. They were one of the first of the 13 colonies to try to prohibit slavery. But, by 1775-1783, almost half of Georgia's population were slaves. To find out more about Georgia, go to the link below.

the 3 problemsIn colonial Georgia, people had problems with 3 things: 1: Proghibition on rum and other hard liquor, 2: ban on slavery, 3: land inheritance and ownership.

The economy is descent in Georgia. Farmers mainly planted indigo, a plant that make purple dyes in clothing. Tobacco, and rice.

There are many different Colonial styles including First Period English, Georgian, Dutch, French, and Spanish Colonial houses built in the early 18th Century. English colonies built their homes similar to the homes in England. Most styles of colonial houses had architecture that was very symmetrical, often square. They had decorative crowns above the front door with narrow side windows flanking the front door. They often had paired chimneys. Some of the homes had only one room that was heated by one fire. Most colonial homes were built of wood, brick, and rarely stone.

The architecture in colonial America varied somewhat from place to place, and changed as time passed. The first houses tended to be small and were built with timber and thatched roofs.

The geography of colonial North American range from mountains to swamplands. The original 13 colonies ranged from the rocky and mountainous Maine, to the swampy Georgia coast.

Family life is hard because they needed to farm(in the southern colonies it rains alot.)

Because they felt like it and it was fouded in 1732

The colony of Georgia was basically a prison colony. It was a place were debtors worked to begin a new life. Colonial Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe and served only to preserve rigid control over the debt-prisoners and to ensure that a military presence existed to buffer the Spanish in Florida at the time. Colonial Georgia's government was similar to all other colonial governments at the time, with specific attention paid to benefiting the extremely wealthy in Georgia. Colonial Georgia's government had no participation from the average citizen.

School was fairly expensive in Georgia. The colony paid $190 per white student and $132 per black student. So, as you can see, Georgia cared about education. i dont agree with whoever made this hahahah.

well....i don't know but there were first dugouts then a hut then finally a cabin but, if u want a picture paste this into you URL bar http://hastings.ci.lexington.ma.us/Colonial/Life/Homes/Homes.HTML

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