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In 1922 who was the electric guitar made by?

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The Gibson Guitar corporation produced the first Electric Guitar in 1922 and it was called the Gibson L-5. Gibson Guitar corporation was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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What is the biggest guitar made?

The electric guitar.

Who is credited for making the electric guitar?

The first electric guitar was made in 1925 by Adolph Rickenbacker.

Who made the electric guitar famous?

people made

What is the name of the first electric guitar?

the first electric guitar was the rickenbacker lapsteel made by rickenbacker electro

What year was the electric guitar created?

A very simple electric guitar was made in 1931 by rickenbacker i think, but les paul made the first solid body electric guitar in early 40's i think

Why was the first electric guitar made?

to be heard , without the electronics in an electric guitar it's a very quiet instrument.

What year was the electric guitar made in?


Where was the electric guitar first made?


What is my washburn electric guitar made of?


What is the difference between electric guitar strings and hollowbody guitar strings?

electric guitar strings are simply made for the quality of the pick-ups if you put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar it will have a low quality sound and if you put acoustic guitar strings on an electric guitar you will be luck to get much sound at all.

Who made the love rock model electric guitar?


How did Adolph Rickenbacker invent the electric guitar?

he made it

What is a Fender MIM?

A Mexico-made electric guitar.

When was the elctric guitar made?

The first commercially available electric guitar came out in 1932.

How old is the electric guitar?

Rickenbacker made the first electric guitars back in the 30s

Are electric bass guitar amps different than electric guitar amps?

Yes they are made to an deeper tone sequence. Therefore it is not smart to play bas at a guitar-amp

Are guitars and electric guitars the same?

Well the electric guitar can be considered a subcategory of the term guitar. Guitar could refer to an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, so guitar and electric guitar are not necessarily the same thing.

Who designed the first guitar?

Leo Fender made the first electric guitar that was mass produced.

Is the washburn d46cesp acoustic electric guitar made in the us?


What is the electric bass guitar made from?

plastic and metal strings

Is electric guitar made of plastic?

There are many different types of electric guitars, and they are made with a variety of materials, including plastic.

What is a stratocaster?

An electric guitar made by Fender. one the most iconic guitars ever designed. often thought of a the universal symbol for an electric guitar

How do you turn a acoustic guitar into an electric guitar?

To change an acoustic guitar into an Electric guitar, you w

What type of instrument is an electric guitar?

An electric guitar

What are the the main types of electric guitars?

baritone guitar (made for lower tunings) bass guitar electric acoustic normal 6 string electric guitar the extra stringed ones doubt would fall into main categories.