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In 1970 after the kent state shootings what happened?

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The shootings led to protests by over four million students and the closing of over 900 campuses across the country. This was the only nationwide student strike in the history of the United States.

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In 1970 after the Kent State shootings?

In 1970 right after the Kent State shootings many universities and colleges were closed down. This was due to the many students who were striking because of the shootings.

What has the author Kim Sorvig written?

Kim Sorvig has written: 'To heal Kent State' -- subject(s): Kent State Shootings, Kent, Ohio, 1970

In 1970 most Americans blamed blank for the kent state shooting?

I happened to be around in 1970 (and was a university student at the time) so I can speak from personal experience. We blamed the policies of the Nixon administration, which had needlessly prolonged the Vietnamese War, for the Kent State shootings.

After years of legal battles over the 1970 Kent State shootings?

After years of legal battles over the 1970 Kent State shootings, the families received payments of reparations. In the addition, the use of lethal ammunition by the National Guard became highly restricted.

What happened after the Kent State shootings?

After the Kent State shootings hundreds of other schools were forced to close because students were going on strike. There were many other people killed in some of the other protests.

Kent state university what makes it popular?

Kent State Shootings

What are important events that happened in the Vietnam war?

Assassination of JFK, Kent State Shootings, Watergate.

What year was the incident that happened at Kent State?


Names of people who got shot at kent state massacre?

See: Kent State University Shootings

What happened in Ohio in 1968 that dramatically changed the mood of the country?

There was the Chicago riots of '68 and the Kent State Shootings in '70.

What has the author Thomas R Hensley written?

Thomas R. Hensley has written: 'The Boundaries of Freedom of Expression & Order in American Democracy' 'Kent State and May 4th' -- subject(s): Kent State Shootings, Kent, Ohio, 1970

Which universities were shut down because of the Vietnam war protest?

Start research with "Kent State University Shootings" (03 May 1970).

What were the effects of the Kent State shootings?

The Kent State shootings symbolized the social and political divide of that time due to the Vietnam War. They also sparked many other protests all over the country.

What was the response of Americans back home towards the Vietnam War?

It was ignored until about 1965 when the protest movement became effective. When the Kent State shootings happened, on 4 May 1970, the US public finally demanded an exit from Vietnam.

What happened at Kent State University in May of 1970?

National Guardsmen killed four students.

How many people were killed at the kent state shootings?

The shooting on May 4, 1970 resulted in 4 deaths and 9 injuries (one student was left paralyzed).

How many students died in the kent state shooting?

If you are asking about the Kent State shootings from 1970 (the ones that were memorialized in the song "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young), four students were killed and nine were seriously wounded (one of whom suffered paralysis).

What did the national gaurd not use at the kent state shootings?

The guardsmen did NOT use rubber bullets.

What year did the kent state happen?

The Kent State Shooting's were on May 4, 1970.

What historical event happened in the 1970's?

Historical events that happened in 1970's are as follows:1970-Aswan High Dam CompletedBeatles Break UpComputer Floppy Disks IntroducedPalestinian Group Hijacks Five planesKent State Shootings1971-London Bridge Brought to the U.S.United Kingdom changes to Decimal System for currencyVCRs introducedddd

Who was blamed for the Kent State shootings?

The shootings were blamed on poor Army training programs, the national guard was not trained well enough to know how to react to an angry crowd.

What year was the protest at Kent State?

In 1970.

When did the kent state riots occur?

in 1970

Message of the Ohio song by neil young?

The song was written about the 1970 shootings during a non-violent peace rally at Kent State University in Ohio, where 4 people were killed by the National Guard.

Who did most Americans blame for the kent state shootings?

some blame the State troopers and some blame the students themselves, no matter what, it was a tragedy.

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