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In 50 words or less describe why you would like to take on this position with our company?


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People make take a position at a company because it pays well. People may also have the necessary education to preform the job well.

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When answering this question during a job interview it is best to have some background and history on the company. You should answer with things that directly relate to that position.

Describe the qualities you have that suit this position.

An equity position is a position where you would earn ownership or part ownership in the company.

You might take a position with a particular company because you have skills that you believe would benefit the company. You might also take that position because you believe that you would enjoy the work.

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When you are asked in a job interview to describe why you would like to take on the position, you need to state your goals and objectives. You should also indicate what you have to offer to the organization.

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This is a very common question that is asked during an interview. The right answer is to describe how your skills and abilities would make you suitable for the position. You should first find out as much as you can about the company and then you can stress how your particular talents and strengths are what the company is looking for. While you do not want to seem arrogant, there is nothing wrong with having faith in your ability and being confident about your skills.

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