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They are not responsible for credit card or other creditor debt unless they are joint account holders, nor are they responsible to pay medical bills unless they signed a written agreement to do so. Life insurance death benefits are not subject to creditor attachment or to probate procedure when there is a named beneficiary. No, but your estate is. If you have any property that you WANTED to go to the children, the courts will sell the property to pay outstanding debts. That is often the reason probate takes so long.

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If legally separated are you responsible for their medical or credit card bills?

yes if they have your name on it

Are adult children responsible for credit card and medical bills with an estate?

They are not responsible to do it with their own money. If you are the executor of the estate, yes, insomuch as there are assets to pay them with. If the debts exceed the assets, there are some people who will not get paid, including the beneficiaries.

Are children responsible for using parents's credit card after they die?

No. Because stepparents can take children to the court center and tell the judge what do they have to use parents's credit card after they die.

Are children responsible for deceased fathers debt in California?

Not unless they co-signed for the loans or credit cards. The estate is responsible for the debts.

In Pennsylvania is the surviving spouse responsible for the deceased spouse's medical and credit card debt?

No, the spouse is not responsible. However it does come out there assets left behind.

Would my mother's children be liable for any credit card debt she had at the time of her death?

Your mother's estate is responsible for her credit card debt.

When you die do your children have to pay your credit card off?

The estate is responsible for the debts. Anyone on the credit card would also be liable for the debt.

When was Alaska USA Federal Credit Union created?

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union was created in 1948.

How much does an executer of an estate get in new york?

Who is responsible for parents death for credit cards medical bills etc.

Are adult children responsible for credit card debt of a deceased parent who had no estate and who lived in the state of Pennsylvania?


If your married is your spouse responsible for your medical bills if you don't pay when your name not on the bills?

when you are married and your spouse don't pay his / her medical bills are you responsible for the bills when your name not on the bills and when they call they don't ask for me they ask for him and can they report it to the credit report

In the state of Ohio is a spouse responsible for medical bills or credit card debt after the spouse has passed away?

My husband has termial cancer and I was wondering when he passes will I be responible for any credit card debts he has and any of his medical bills? We live in the state of Ohio.

Is an authorized credit card user responsible for credit card debt if the primary card holder declares bankruptcy?

No. The card holder is responsible for all debt on the credit they extended to him. (You may be responsible to the credit card holder for the debt he incurred for you, if that was your agreement).

If a man passes away is his widow or his children responsible for any of his credit card debt in California?

The estate is responsible for his debts. In most cases this will mean that the credit cards will have to be paid off before the spouse or children can inherit any money. If the wife is also listed on the credit card, she will be liable along with the estate for paying it off. This question is best posed to an attorney familar with California estate law and this mans' will.

What would constitute a responsible use of credit?

A responsible use of credit is paying off your credit cards each month. Another example of using credit responsibly is using it when you need it only.

What is a medical credit card used for?

A medical credit card is used like a credit card. If a person cannot afford to pay for a procedure directly out of pocket, they can use a special medical credit card to help pay for the procedure.

Who is responsible for a deceased person credit card debt in North Carolina?

The estate is responsible for the decedent's credit card debt.

Are you responsible for a medical bill that you never received which now shows unpaid on your credit report?

Yes you are, by law any medical bills showing on your credit report should be taken care by you since you visited the doctor it's your responsability to ask them if you own any money and therefore take actions.

Is a joint credit card account holder responsible for the entire debt when the other account holder dies?

Answer credit cardfrom past experience with my mother in law, you are responsible for the credit card balance The surviving joint account holder would be responsible for the entire amount owed.Credit Card DebtUnfortunantly you will be responsible for all of it.

Are the children of a deceased parent responsible for their debt in the state of New Jersey?

Yes and no. The estate of the deceased is responsible for payment of any debts of the departed, so if you had been willed any form of an asset then it could be liquidated or levied for the repayment of a debt owned to the estate. The only time children or a surviving spouse are liable is if they put themselves up as a guarantor, including co-signing on a car, apartment, credit card, and/or medical care.

Are you responsible for your dead spouses credit card debt if you own a house together?

Your dead spouse's estate is responsible for the credit card debt. In practice, this may amount to "you are responsible for it."

Are adult children responsible for credit card debt after their parents die?

No. The credit card companies will try to get you to pay off your parent's bills but you don't have it. It is all volunteer. I was glad to learn this since my mother is 81.

If a spouse dies and had unknown individual unsecured credit debt is the surviving spouse responsible for paying these credit cards or medical bills?

If nothing else, the spouses Estate would have to pay it, if there was $$$ for more info see

Is the estate of mother responsible for medical bills and credit card debt when she owns a mobile home and rents a space in a mobile home park and owns a car?

The general rule is that the estate is responsible for the debts of the deceased, including medical bills and credit card debt. It's not clear what owning a mobile home and car have to do with it, other than that those are assets that could be liquidated to pay off the debt.

When a widowed parent dies in California are the children responsible for the debt owed by deceased parent for loans credit cards taxes etc?

When someone dies in CA the relatives of that person are NOT responsible for the debts owed by that person. The credit cards and loans would like you to think you owe the money, but you don't.