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boxer pins one of the dogs down

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Q: In Animal Farm what does Boxer do to to dogs when they attack him?
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Why did the dogs attack boxer in Animal Farm?

Napolean sees Boxer as a threat... He has a lot of people that would follow him if he didn't support Napolean therefore Napolean tries to get rid of him

What kinds of animals are boxer and pincher in Animal Farm?

Boxer is a horse and Pincher is one of the three main dogs in the story.

How does napoleon overthrow snowball?

he used the dogs to attack him and kick him out of Animal Farm

How does Napoleon use the dogs in Animal Farm?

napoleon train the nine puppies to become huge vicious dogs and attack any animal that seems offensive near the animal farm or offensive to his power

What are the main Characters of Animal Farm?

In Animal Farm, the main characters are:Snowball; Napoleon; Squealer; The Old Major; Clover; Boxer; Mr. Jones; The Dogs; Muriel; Benjamin; Mollie; Moses; Mr. Whymper; Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederic.

Where do the dogs sit on Animal Farm?


What do dogs represent in animal farm?


Who is bluebell in Animal Farm?

Bluebell is one of the three dogs from the book "Animal Farm. " The other two dogs are named Jesse and Pincher.

Why were the dogs and sheep necessary in Animal Farm?

because if they weren't in the animal farm, the sheep wouldn't be herded, and the dogs would be shot by the farmer porque the dogs have no jobs.

Are dogs farm animals?

Not typically, no. Dogs, though they can be regarded as part of the farm if they reside on a farm, are more of a companion animal than a farm animal. Even if they are used for work than for pleasure like those dogs that live in cities and towns.

Is dog a farm animal?

A dog is not a farm animal. Rather it is most often referred to as a companion animal, even though dogs can be and are found on a farm or ranch.

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