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In Australia what is the legal age to move out of your parents house?


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You need to be over 16.


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The legal age to move out of your house with parental consent is 17

What is the legal age a girl can move out of her parents house?

The legal age is 18 to move out of your parents house! Sorry

What is the legal age that a teenager can move out of their parents house in the state of Florida with or without parental consent?"

If you have your parents' permission, yes.

no, unless they leave their parents home and go to a legal adult's house and that adult files as the minor's legal guardian

As long as you are a minor your parents will decide where you live. So if you when you are of legal age want to move to the other parent and they are willing, then you can move. In Idaho it's at 18yo.

Without your parents permission 18 in the United States. Call local court house for more information

The Legal age is 16 if you want to move out your parents house ...

NO. And you attempt to do this, boyfriend's parents are likely going to find themselves facing a truckload of legal problems.

The age of majority, which is 18 in Georgia. Until then the parents are responsible.

You would need a legal declaration of emancipation to do this.

a pregnant 16 year old can move out of her parents home if she is legal to give consent and live with her baby's father.

The legal age in Colorado to move out of your parents home is 17

A teen may move out of their parents house at 18 without their parents permission, unless the teen is married (which requires an age minimum of 16 with parent's approval).

I'm 16 yrs. old and I have a baby. I will turn 17 in June. How old do I have to be to move out of my mohters house? HELP

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