In Basketball how do they determine which team takes which side of the court to start the game?

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with a jumpball at center court

If you are dribbling the basketball in your side of the court what can cause a back court violation?

I.) The failure to bring the ball from the backcourt into the frontcourt in the allotted 10 seconds. II.) After offense brought the ball to frontcourt, if any player on offense causes the ball to be in their team's possession on the backcourt that is a violation. (once you cross the half court you c ( Full Answer )

Why do basketball teams wear dark jerseys to away games and light jerseys at home games and what year did this start?

Answer . Well, if the reason is the same as the jersey situation for hockey, I know that the teams would wear dark jerseys while they were away because they didn't always have laundry facilities available to them when they were on a road trip.\n. \nSince dirt shows up less on dark jerseys, a dar ( Full Answer )

How does a basketball game start?

Two members of opposite teams stand in the middle of the court andjump for the ball as the referee throws it up in the air.

How do you start a basketball game?

Basketball games are started with the opening tip, which is a jump ball. In some competitions, a jump ball is also used to settle held balls (jointly held) and penalty possessions. In others, the alternating possession rule is used.

How was the game of basketball started?

A gym teacher wanted to make a game for his class that would be fun on a rainy day. So he asked the janitor for two boxes, which they tied up, and got a ball. They originally called it Peach-Basket Ball because the boxes they had, that weren't really boxes, were peach baskets. Then as it was passed ( Full Answer )

How many players can be on a basketball court per game?

At one time, there may be 10 players on a court, 5 from each team. During substitutions and time-outs, there may be brief moments when there are more than 10 players on the court at one time. During game play, keeping too many players on the court other than to switch a player out will result in ( Full Answer )

When did cheerleaders start cheering for the basketball team?

Cheerleaders started cheering for basketball teams when they needed practice. Then when the people watched them at half time they enjoyed it alot, So the cheerleaders would do it all for the people and the sport of it.. Cheerleaders started cheering for basketball teams when they needed practice. T ( Full Answer )

How to start a game of basketball?

The referee has the ball in the center jump circle and each team stands on different sides. The ref throws the ball up and they try to tip it to their teams

How do you start a game of basketball?

You have to start a game of basketball by 1 person from each team standing near the halfway line and 1 person throwing the ball into the air and both people have to try to get the and hit it to their team.

How many games in basketball per team?

Well that depends on what kind of team you're talking about. I'm in high school and our basketball program has 20 games per season. But in middle school i only played 12 games. It really depends on what conference you're in and what school you go to.

What team played the first basketball game?

The first ever basketball game was played in 1891 at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts by students who's teacher, Dr. James Naismith, was trying to keep occupied during a rainy day. Therefore, it wasn't an actual team, but rather a bunch of gym class students.

What does the game start with on the court?

Since you did not mention WHAT game you are asking about, it makes it hard to answer this question, and to put it in the correct category. Both basketball and tennis are played on a court.

How does the team score in a basketball game?

The opposite team's goal is to capture the ball from the other team who has the ball and the team which has the ball must score the ball in towards the opponent's hoop while also defending an d attacking, attackers must attack other members of the opposite team while the defending team defends the b ( Full Answer )

In basketball what is the method to start the game?

The Jump Ball. One player from each team, usually the Center/tallest player, line up at mid-court. the referee tosses the ball up in the air. the two players jump in an attempt to tip the ball to a teammate to gain possession.

What determines which team get which basket at start of a game?

In highschool, you will have a desginated bench which leads to what hoop you will shoot at in the game for the first half. In younger sports a team will just sit at a any bench, and that is pretty much how that is decided

What side does the home team sit in high school basketball?

According to Rule 1 Section 13 of the NFHS basketball rules book, game management designates the bench locations. It is recommended that both teams be placed along the side of the court on which the scorers'a nd timers' table is located.

Is a basketball game started with a jump ball?

No , It Starts When The Ref. Throws Tha Ball In Tha Air && Someone Has To Try n Knock It To Their Side Of Tha Court By Jumping In Tha Air ... Not Ta b Rude But DUH

What is the defensive side in a basketball game?

The defensive side in a basketball game is the team trying to prevent the other team to score by blocking their shots, stealing the ball or rebounding on the defensive end of the court.