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His real name is Chip.

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Q: In Beauty and the Beast what was Chip's real name?
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In Beauty and the Beast what is Beauty's real first name?


What is beauty's real name in Beauty and the Beast?

Beauty's name in the movie is actually Belle.

What is beauty's name in Beauty and the Beast?

The beauty's name is Bell and beast name is Beast.Her name is Belle the story does not reveal the Beast's real name, who is in fact an enchanted prince. So pretty much you just call him Beast.

What is the real name of Belle in Beauty and the Beast?


What is beast's name in the Disney movies Beauty and the Beast?

According to the CD ROM tie-in game to "Beauty and the Beast", called "the D Show", the Beast's real name is "Prince Adam".

Disneys Beauty and the Beast names?

Belle and Beast they don't say his real name in the movie

When was Beauty and the Beast first performed?

the princess real name was Bella

In the Disney version of The Beauty and the Beast what is the name of the Beast Prince?

Though it is not mentioned in the movie, Disney has said that his real name is Adam.

What is the name of the chandelier in Beauty and the Beast?

His REAL name was Thomas, but everyone always called him Scooter.

What is the Beast's real name in β€œBeauty and the Beast”?

Prince 'Adam' (in human form) - on the jewerly box it says Prince Andrew!

In disneys Beauty and the Beast what is the beasts real name?

It is never revealed. Although I do call him Fabio.

In Beauty and the Beast What was Lumiere's name before becoming a candelstick?

His name was always Lumiere. None of the character's names changed once they were transformed (excepting The Beast whose real name is never mentioned).

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