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A good sailor costume would involve the traditional white sailor uniform with the white hat. These costumes can be found at the website

yes she is a very good singer but people havent heard her yet cuz she is not famous her dream is to be famous i hope people can help her out

Sailor Jupiter is a better ice skater than any of the other sailor scouts.

5 in total: Sailor Moon Sailor Moon R Sailor Moon S Sailor Moon SuperS Sailor Stars Sailor Stars was never released in an English Speaking country! :( But a very good season! :) :D ^-^

k so coles # is 288-7650and Dylans #is 611-9487good luck

The sailor set out to explore the deep blue ocean in his boat.

Manga: She didn't turn good. She died. Anime: She wasn't the sailor of the Galaxy, so no.

They are not related. They are really good friends, like all of the other sailor scouts. They fight evil together but are not related.

to have a good dream you have to do good things in the day and not do, listen or see anything bad

Yes good dream makers are hard to find, have you tried a dream catcher?

Because Sailor Mars thinks too poorly of Sailor Moon and believes she too immature for everything. I mean, she IS, but she's also a good kid, and isn't always immature.

The cast of Dream the Good Dream - 2011 includes: Danwoo Jung as Joo

not sure what do you mean by good or bad? She is definitely one of the protagnist. However, the way she fights might not be acceptable by others such as Sailor Moon

Some collocations for the noun dream are:good dreambad dreamdream updream ondream likedream world

the thought of having your dream met and to be able to tell yourself that you are successful....and lastly to be famous and do what u like to do!

Because it made a good picture.

that would not be a good fight

because shes a talented singer and wanted to live her dream same as me i wanna be a pro. at singing i think im pretty good and just like carrie i have a dream

I don't think it is good luck. Probaly a random dream.

It means sth good will happen in your life. Good dream essentially.

Wedding peach is a good one and Tokyo mee new too

dream of as big thing as you can. dreams are good to se. but also follow your dream and do hardwork.

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