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Q: In Britain what color is a post office box?
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How do you rent a post office box?

Go to the post office.

When is the word post office capitalized?

when you say the full name like for example, Marietta Post Office or P.O box (post office box)

What color is a French post box?

The color of the French post box is bright yellow.

Where is po box 885 NewportAR?

That address is a post office box in the post office in Newport, Arkansas.

Is zipcode and post office box different?

Yes, zip determines location, box number is physical no of box inside the post office

What does PO box mean?

It is a Post Office Box. Instead of having something sent to an address of a place, you can organise a post office box through your post office and the post will be sent there. You can then collect it. It is a way of keep an actual address private.

What does PO box stand for?

Post Office Box.

How do you get a post office box in Baguio Philippines?

Post office boxes in Baguio City or in other major areas in the Philippines are available for rent to postal customers. They come in small, medium and large sizes. To get a post office box, just go to the post office and rent a box.

What does P.O Box mean?

It stands for post office box as this person picks up their mail at the post office. It isn't delivered to their home.

Can you send to a post office box without a box number?


Is it PO box or PO box?

It is a P.O. Box - meaning Post Office box.

What is the abbreviation for post office box?


What does PO box number mean?

PO stands for Post Office. It's a mailbox at a post office.

When was Post Office Box Lobby Recycling program created?

Post Office Box Lobby Recycling program was created on 2008-10-28.

What color is a street post box in the UK?

The street post box in the UK is the color red. The color red on the post boxes became official in the year 1874. Different countries have different colored post boxes.

What is gpo box?

General Post Office Box. Its an Australian thing.

Do you put stamps on po box?

You don't put stamps on a Post Office Box. You need stamps to pay for something (letter, card, package) that you are sending to a Post Office Box.

What does a post office box key look like?

It will look like a regular key. It has just been designed to fit specifically into your post office box.

What is a po box?

P.O. Stand for post office - a PO Box is an alternative for people who don't want to give out their home address, but still need to receive mail. They are basically mail boxes at the post office that you can rent (yes, you have to pay for them) to receive mail at. A P.O. Box is a Post Office Box.

Can you send a parcel to a po box?

Yes, as long as it is through the Post Office. If it is too big for the box, a key to a larger box will be placed in the post office box or a notice will be left to come to the retail window.

Can you have mail delivered to a post office?

Yes, you can rent a box at the post office. Ours costs $40 a year.

Whats the difference between putting a letter in the mail box verse dropping it off at a post office?

There is little difference between putting a letter in the mail box verses dropping it off at a post office. It does save the time in having to queue for a stamp if the post office is busy and you can put a letter in the mail box even when the post office is closed.

How do you post an xbox 360 controller?

Go to a 'Post Office' To get it in a Bigger Box.

Is it true that Zac Efron livs at PO Box 960?

Well, NO!!!! Because P.O. Box stands for Post Office box. Unfortunately he does not live in a post office. That would be strange and weird.

What is the principle of post office box?

Wheatstone's bridge