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NO they can try to attest the will but his will is his last word and the judge will not overturn it he left you in the will in the reason and didn't include them for a reason

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Q: In California a father listed 2 children as beneficiaries in his will does his other children who have been adopted by their stepfather and are not mentioned in the will have any legal rights?
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When someone dies in California without a will how is estate distributed?

Distribution will be according to the California intestacy laws. Typically the spouse and children will be the beneficiaries. Siblings and parents would be next in line.

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Do beneficiaries need to be named in a will?

Yes, otherwise they are not beneficiaries. However, they can be 'named' through a class, such as 'all children' or 'any descendent.'

What relationship is your wife's stepfather to you?

If your wife was adopted by her stepfather, he would be your (adoptive) father-in-law. Otherwise, he is your stepfather-in-law, and only her biological father is your father-in-law. Also, if you have children, he will be their step-grandfather.

How do you chose the beneficiaries to your life cover plan?

To choose the beneficiaries to your life cover plan you need to consider who you want to benefit in the event of your death. Most people choose their spouse and children as their beneficiaries.

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Do step children have rights to probate step fathers will?

Does stepchildren have right to there stepfather will

Do beneficiaries have to be named in a will?

If there is a will beneficiaries have to be named or described (e.g., all my children). If there is no will most (maybe all) states define how an estate is to be divided and obviously not by name.

Do stepchildren have dual citizenship when the mother is a US citizen and the stepfather a Canadian citizen?

If the stepfather has legal paper for custody, then the children under 18 are eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Does family have rights to read their fathers will?

Only those persons mentioned in a will are legally entitled to know it's contents. Spouses, children, and sometimes the parents of the deceased may petition to become beneficiaries of a will even if they were not mentioned in the will as some states have laws against completely disinheriting some family members.

Do step children have the right to file a wrongful death suit for there stepfather?

Depends on which state they live in. In three states, California, Idaho and Utah it would depend on dependency and age. IN all others NO. In most states the immediate family members are the only parties who can file a wrongful death suit. That includes parents, children, and adopted children. Some states have extended the right to grandparents, step parents and step children and courts can authorize other parties such as creditors and beneficiaries. You need to consult with an attorney in your state who can review your situation and explain your rights and options under your state laws.

Do step fathers have rights to children if married to bio mother?

Unless the stepfather has legally adopted the children, he has no built-in legal right to them.

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Could a stepfather get custody of your 2 girls if something should happen to you you have full custody and their biological father has a criminal history?

In order for the stepfather to gain custody in the event of the mother's death, there would first have to be a number of circumstances. If the father is no longer in jail, has a job, home, and a means to provide the children a safe, stable environment, he would likely be the one to get custody. Having a criminal history doesn't necessarily make a parent unfit. But if he were to sign consent for the stepfather to adopt the children, then the stepfather would get custody.But if the stepfather has not adopted the children, there is also the fact of grandparents, aunts and uncles, in addition to the father, who would possibly try to get custody if the stepfather has not already adopted the children.The best thing to do would be to talk to an attorney and find out what your options are. You should also talk to your family and let them know your wishes should something happen to you.

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Only in the Married Women Property Act policy, you need to make a trust and your wife and your children will be beneficiaries only. But you can not surrender or assign this policy to any one.

What rights do step children have as heirs if there are no biological children?

Step-children have no rights to an estate unless they were legally adopted or unless the decedent left a will naming them as beneficiaries.

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Probably. Is he married to the Mother? Check with your specific insurance company.

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