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No.The baby is not your parents, its yours, and your parents do not have the legal right to decide what is best for your baby.They can force YOU to live there, but they cannot force your baby to stay there, and they cannot decide how the time will be spent with your baby. They can say you are not alloud to see the father, but they cannot deprive him of seeing his son if you agree to let him have partial custody. It is YOUR baby and you get to make all of the decisions involving your child, not your parents. If need be, you can ask a judge to be emancipated, and if the judge decides that you can live on your own, you do not need your parents permission. Its complicated minors having children, but all persons in California having childrenare subject to the same rights and laws as everybody else, regardless of age.

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How can an ex boyfriend with criminal convictions gain court ordered visitation with a non biological child?

He wouldn't, the issue of incarceration is irrelevant.

In a visitation dispute the judge orders the man's girlfriend to leave when the child visits is this legal?

Yes, but it has to be equally applied to the mother's boyfriend.

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If you had a child with your boyfriend can you move to another state?

If you are of legal age and there is not court order of custody or visitation then you may move with your child wherever you so choose.

Can a father legally keep a child from his mother if her boyfriend is in rehab?

Only by order of the court, and even than, there should still be at least supervised visitation.

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Your boyfriend is in Jail in California awaiting extradition to Texas after the 30 days are up can California release and rearrest him on the same warrant in Texas?

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