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Of course, as long as you're in good standing with the DMV. Go to any local branch, let them know you lost it and they'll replace it, often without having to take your picture again. Yes; but the penalty that you have to pay is waiting in line at the DMV . . . you could be there for hours! THAT will teach you to lose your permit.

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Q: In California can you replace a lost learner's permit?
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Your learners license was lost how can you replace?

Just go to your Local DMV, the same place you got the learners permit. They will replace it or give you another.

How much does it cost to replace a learners permit?

The cost to replace a learner's permit varies by state so check with your state's DMV for the cost of replacing a lost or stolen learner's permit.

How do you replace a lost learners permit in Texas?

If you lose your permit, you'll need to apply for a replacement through your local driver license office. The fee for a duplicate permit is $10.

What do you do if you lost your learners permit?

you go to your town or citys resgisrty and say hi i lost my permit i need a new one.

How long will it take to get a new learners permit if you lost one?

If you lost your learners permit it will not take long to get another one. You will need to go to the DMV and ask for a replacement. Many times the replacement can be given in the office.

How do you replace your South Carolina gun carry permit that you lost?

Contact the issuer of the permit.

Replace a lost Ohio concealed weapons permit?

Contact your County Sheriff - ASAP.

You lost your concealed weapon permit for florid and how can you replace it where doi you have to go?

Go to the sheriffs department.

What do you do if you lose your NC learners permit?

If you mean it was destroyed or you somehow lost track of it, it should be easy to get a new one from wherever you got the first one. You might have to pay a small fee. If you lost it it because of some infraction of the law, you would have to ask the judge or read the court papers that removed your permit.

How can you get a replacement for a lost gun permit in mo?

Missouri no longer requires permits EXCEPT concealed carry permits (law changed this year) To replace a lost concealed carry permit, contact your county sheriff's office- they issue the permits.

How do you replace a lost gun permit?

it depends on what state. Here in Tennessee, you simply go to the driver license testing center and tell them you want to apply for a duplicate permit. It costs $5 and you receive it in the mail a few weeks later.

How do you replace a lost motorcycle title?

Replace lost motorcycle title

What happens when you lost your learner's permit?

Physically lost the permit, then just go to your local DMV and get another one. Lost it die to breaking the law, go to your local DMV, where they will give you an answer. They will probably give you another one.

Replace a lost Florida concealed weapons permit?

i lost my concealed weapon permit for Florida, how can i replace it, where do i have to go. in the state of Florida if you have lost or misplaced your CCW permit, call the div. of lic. in Tallahassee at 850-448-5381. they will give you your CCW permit #. get a notarized statement of the reason you need a replacement and send it to : Division of Licensing , po box 6687, Tallahassee,Fl 32314. along with a money order for $15. no new picture is necessary...hope this helps January 4, 2011 The above is correct, however; the address has changed: Florida Dept of Agriculture Division of Licensing P O Box 3030 Tallahassee, Fl 32315-3030 and a personal check or money order is acceptable for the $15 fee.

How do you replace a lost vehicle title for a deceased parent?

Go to the DMV with the death certificate and they will let you get another title for a certain amount of money. They charge in California 15 dollars for lost title replacement.

How do i replace a lost gun permit in Michigan?

Contact the Michigan State Police.

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How can you replace a lost learner's permit?

If the road test has not been taken and passed then the driver testing site monitor will have the "hard" copy of the permit in their file. If all tests have been passed then no permanent record will exist and you'll have to start all over again by taking the written and road tests.

How can i get a replacement for a lost gun permit in Va?

Are you referring to the concealed carry permit? It's the only "gun permit" I can think of in Virginia. Go to the sheriff's office which issued it to you, and request a replacement, is all you have to do.

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If you are 18 and lost your permit do you have yo wait another 6 months to get your license?

If you physically lost as in misplaced your permit, you should go to the DMV and get a replacement. If you lost it as in it was withdrawn by the state due to a citation or some other problem, you will need to refer to your state's laws on reinstating permits.

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