In California how old do you have to be to get a driving permit?


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Sixteen to get a license.


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you dont have to be 15 1/2 to get your permit.

You must have someone 25 years of age or older in the car if you have a learners permit.

The penalty for an 18 year old driving alone with just a learner's permit in the state of California would be loss of permit. The 18 year old would then have to wait another year, retake the drivers test. and basically start all over again.

In St. Louis, you have to be 15 to get a driving permit.

You must be 14 years and 9 months old for a driving permit.

you have to be 16 or 17 years old just to get your driving permit.

what kind of permit! driving 16, babysitting 11

Driver's permit (16 years old), provisional license (17), and basic licenses (18)

What kind of permit? Driving? Hunting? Work?

Driving and permit ages vary by state in America.

What is your question? Please rewrite.

That is impossible a 15 year old is too young to get a driving permit legally.

Concerning California DMV procedures; you have to get a permit before you can get a license. The permit is a prerequisite. That said, an 18+ year old person doesn't have to log driving hours or endure a probationary period; he/she can make a behind the wheel driving test appointment right after being issued the the permit.

you have to be 14 to get a school drivers permit in Iowa

you get your permit when your 15, but you get you driving license when your 16!

If a 17 year old drives in Texas with a permit, the 17 year old will be driving in Texas with a permit.

You can get a special permit at 16.

To get your driving permit, you have to be 15 1/2.

Fortunately, yes. They must have at least a Class D license; a Class CP is only a permit. If the 16 year old is caught, he may be prohibited from driving for up to ten years and fined, along with the parent of the person. In California, it is legal to drive to school at 16 with a permit if Mom or Dad (or and California-licensed driver over 25) is sitting next to you. Driving alone to school is NOT permitted on a permit.

15 and 6 months for permit16 and 6 months for licences

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