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In California is it legal for a 20-year-old and a 16-year-old to date when there is no sexual activity involved?



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There are no laws restricting anyone from dating.


AS FAR AS just "dating", there is nothing the law can do to prevent it unless, the girl has a family who is very against it and have power in the community. Then they could make your life difficult. If you are on good terms with her family, I wouldn't worry. HOWEVER, as dating relationships often do, yours may progress further than casual dating. I used to think age of consent was pretty "cut and dry" in each state. But after checking a website, I realize that there are many, many rules and agelimits for a whole host of activity; from talking a certain age person into going for a ride with you, your intentions, whether sexual in nature or not. To get full idea ofthe laws in your state, please go to then click on Age of Consent Laws by State. It is VERY informative. I would recommend all young people who are dating to check it out. Good Luck! <<<ADR>>>