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They can kick you out. They can legal sue the boyfriend if he is overage. They can force you to give the child up. The best thing you can do is think hard if you are ready to be parents and if you are committed to one another for the rest of you lives. If you have the baby, you whole life will change. It is difficult to raise a child and expensive. You can be a surrogate for couples who cannot conceive and they will pay all the bills. You do give up parental rights or come to a agreement about visitation. You can pray that your families will pitch in but do not expect them to raise the child. They didnt make and you need to take it. * Parents cannot force a minor from the family home unless they provide an acceptable place for the minor to live and financial support or the court relieves them of the obligation and makes said minor a 'ward of the state'. A minor cannot be forced by her parents to have an abortion, place a child for adoption or in anyway sign over her parental rights to her child. If the minor's parents do not want to accept the responsibilty, the minor may request through the state social services to have the court emancipate her, so that she and her child can be eligible for public assistance (WIC, Medicaid, etc.). The age of consent (when minors can engage in consensual sex) for the state is 18. That being the case the young man could be charged with sexual misconduct or statutory rape depending upon whether he also is a minor or an adult. FYI, the state only recognizes surrogacy or adoption as being a legal when it all participating parties are represented by legal counsel and either procedure is implemented in accordance with state law.

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How whales get pregnant?

How do whales get pregnant? do they do any sexual actions?

If your boyfriend is married to a woman that got pregnant while he was locked up?

* It appears you are putting all the blame on your boyfriend's wife and you are wrong by being his mistress. If he loved you he would have gotten a divorce. Whether she got pregnant while he was in prison is not the issue here .. your actions are!

What happens if 18 year old boyfriend gets 17 year old girl pregnant and girls dad puts charges on him?

Charges for what actions? If the age of consent is 17 or younger, there has been no crime.

How do you get over an ex-boyfriend while pregnant?

* He's not much of a man for deserting you while you are pregnant. Consider yourself lucky that you found out early that he is not worth your time as he obviously is immature and afraid of commitment or being responsible for his own actions. When an unexpected pregnancy occurs to two young people that are not married or are perhaps not living together there are several reasons the boyfriend who got her pregnant would react: He would be there for her during the pregnancy and through the birth of your child (he is the father); some young men will take responsibility and be prepared to support their child; while other young men will just hit and run. If you are living with your parents then go after your ex boyfriend for child support and make him responsible for his actions.

How can you tell if your boyfriend really means it when he says he loves you?

ACTIONS....not just words!!

What to do when shes winning your boyfriend?

If your boyfriend is being won over by another woman, you need to find a new boyfriend. Even if you can dissuade him from seeing this girl, his actions show that he is likely to stray in the future.

What weapons are legal in California?

You will need to consult with a lawyer on the specifics of your actions.

What is a state of balanced between two opposing forces or actions?


Are parents legally responsible for their children's actions who are above the age of 18 in California?

No, the child is 18 therefor an adult in charge of their own actions.

How do you find out if a girl has a boyfriend without asking her?

watch her actions carefully, if she has a mobile phone and she's texting and smilling that alredy shows you that she already has a boyfriend. if she has no phone then i suggest you ask her friends..

My boyfriend unblocked me on facebook but his not talking to me but he says he still loves and wants me and loves me?

If your boyfriend loves you as he alleges, his actions should the talking. If he indeed loves you, he will check on you, call you and buy you presents.

If my boyfriend told me that a girl at school is rubbing him in an inappropriate way and he can't stop it what do i do?

You should confront him about his actions, and talk with him.

Can you get promoted in the army from E3 to E4 while pregnant?

Yes. Promotion from E3 to E4 is automatic, and being pregnant doesn't constitute a flag and barring from favourable actions.

In California if your 18 yr old owns a car and is going to college are the parents legally responsible for his actions?

No. He is a legal adult and is responsible for his own actions, whether he lives with you or not.

Should my boyfriend care that a guy hit on me?

If your boyfriend is not concerned that another guy hit you, then he doesn't deserve to be your boyfriend. If he will not protect you now he will not protect you later in life. IN my opinion his actions does NOT demonstrate that he has any love at all for you. Remember this is only my personal opinion too.

How can you know when did your boyfriend love you?

When you don't need to ask yourself that question and when you don't have any doubts. You can tell by his actions, not his words.

What do you do if your boyfriend does not verbally show affection or commitment but does so via body laungueage and actions?

He may only be physically attracted to you

What does it mean when your boyfriend says you are beautiful?

It may be nice compliment words and may be an introduction to be introduced to some sexual actions.

What does pregnant turtle look like?

They would actually look the same. The only way you would be able to tell if your turtle is pregnant is it actions, but i don't know exactly what the list is.

Is boat insurance mandatory in the state of California?

Boat insurance is not mandatory in California. However, your are still responsible for bodily injury and property damage caused by your actions.

How do you tell if my boyfriend really loves me?

A wise man said "love can only be known by the actions it prompts". So look at how your boyfriend behaves towards you if he really loves you he would treat you with love and respect

What should you do if someone likes your boyfriend?

Ignore it depending on the extent of their feelings. However if they are more than willing to act off them I would nicely and calmly remind them that he is your boyfriend. Actions vary depending on the circumstances...

The 1907 gentlemen's agreement between the United states and japan emerged from?

anti-Japanese actions in California

How a girl wants her boyfriend?

A girl wants a boyfriend to say he loves her by the way he treats her, in private and in public. A boyfriend who tells her by his actions more than his words. A boyfriend who shows her respect when with friends or family, in the presence of strangers, and especially when they're alone when no one else is watching. She will know that he loves her because he makes her feel good about herself.

Ok my boyfriend really bothers me with his actions sometimes...ill be trying to talk to him at school and he'll always be looking in a different direction and not paying much attention to what i say?

I think your boyfriend is gay. Stop wasting your time with him I think your boyfriend is gay. Stop wasting your time with him I think your boyfriend is gay. Stop wasting your time with him