In California what actions could the family take against a pregnant 16-year-old and her boyfriend?

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January 03, 2007 3:19AM

They can kick you out. They can legal sue the boyfriend if he is overage. They can force you to give the child up. The best thing you can do is think hard if you are ready to be parents and if you are committed to one another for the rest of you lives. If you have the baby, you whole life will change. It is difficult to raise a child and expensive. You can be a surrogate for couples who cannot conceive and they will pay all the bills. You do give up parental rights or come to a agreement about visitation. You can pray that your families will pitch in but do not expect them to raise the child. They didnt make and you need to take it. * Parents cannot force a minor from the family home unless they provide an acceptable place for the minor to live and financial support or the court relieves them of the obligation and makes said minor a 'ward of the state'. A minor cannot be forced by her parents to have an abortion, place a child for adoption or in anyway sign over her parental rights to her child. If the minor's parents do not want to accept the responsibilty, the minor may request through the state social services to have the court emancipate her, so that she and her child can be eligible for public assistance (WIC, Medicaid, etc.). The age of consent (when minors can engage in consensual sex) for the state is 18. That being the case the young man could be charged with sexual misconduct or statutory rape depending upon whether he also is a minor or an adult. FYI, the state only recognizes surrogacy or adoption as being a legal when it all participating parties are represented by legal counsel and either procedure is implemented in accordance with state law.