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You pay the balance due, get a new g/f, and know what she is doing at all times.

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Q: In California what do you do if your girlfriend turns in your vehicle without your knowlegde and the car is sold and they call it a voluntary repo?
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What is 22349A of the California Vehicle code?

Whats difference between california vehicle code 22349 & california vehicle code 22350

the law in California requires that your vehicle be?

the law in California requires that your vehicle be

What are car repossession laws in Missouri regarding notification to auction a vehicle?

what are the legalities of voluntary vehicle repossession

What happens to the state registration if you voluntary repo a vehicle?

The license plates are yours to keep and transfer to another vehicle if you wish.

Are Voluntary Accidental Dismemberment payouts taxable?

Damaged hand, vehicle damage

Do you need to be a resident of California to register a vehicle in California?


Is the voluntary relinquishment of a vehicle by the borrower as damaging as a lender's repossession?

Yes, it is the same thing.

Will voluntary car reposesion hurt your credit?

if i let my vehicle get reposesed will it hurt my credit?

What is California vehicle code 4000A1?

The vehicle registration code 4000A1 in California means the vehicle needs to be registered. This code also applies to trailers.

What is the 216555 of California vehicle code?

216555 vehicle code

What are examples of voluntary car repo?

If you call the Bank; Finance Company and let them know that you are going to return the vehicle to them. They tell you where you can drop the vehicle off and you deliver it to that place. That is a voluntary repossession. The only other thing would be if the Bank; Finance Company agrees to pick the vehicle up at your residence at no charge.

May you get your car back for voluntary repossesion?

When you voluntarily surrendered your vehicle for repossession, you signed a voluntary release form. The probability of you redeeming your vehicle is extremely remote now. It is possible that if you attend the auction where it is being sold, you may be able to repurchase it though.

How do you get a temporary vehicle registration in California?

Inquire at a DMV in California.

What is 80361A of the California vehicle code?

not having a license plate on vehicle

What is the fine for 35401 of the California vehicle code?

$200 in placerville California

How can you tell if your car is a California emissions type?

A dealership can tell you if you give them the VIN number. usually if look under the hood, there is vehicle emissions label that will state that the vehicle is legal for sale in California, or that the vehicle conforms to California regulations.

What is willing repossession?

a voluntary repossession is where you turn over the vehicle instead of us having to come get it from you.

Is there a vehicle code in California for running out of gas?

No, there is not a code in California if you run out of gas.

What is 16028ax of the california vehicle code?

no insurance

What is 12500A of the California vehicle code?

CA Vehicle code: 12500A -- unlicensed driver

What is vehicle code 405095VC?

It is California Vehicle code: (FTA) Failure to Appear to your hearing.

How do you voluntary surrender your vehicle to Wells Fargo Louisiana?

park outside a the bank, put a skunk inside it and leave

If you voluntarrily surrender your vehicle in California do you have a redemption period?

Yes ,15 days to reinstate your loan whether it was a voluntary or involuntary repo. You will be required to pay the past due on your loan plus any repo fees incurred. See Reese-Levering Law

Can you rescind on purchase of vehicle days later?

can you rescind on purchase of a vehicle days later in California

What is 16020 of the California vehicle code?

Failing to provide proof of financial responsibility when operating a vehicle